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Question: I'm confused by nail envy so many types I have weak nails but there is one which is Matt etc help!!

Asked by Vickieminx1 3 years ago

6 answers

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NAILSBYMETS 3 years ago

Hi Vickie, Original Nail Envy will definitely help you. The Matte version does exactly what the Original Nail Envy does but has a matte finish - the Original has a clear glossy finish. So it's really personal preference if you plan to apply the Nail Envy and not use nail polish on top. If you plan to just use it as a base coat, it doesn't matter which one you go for. Hope this helps.

Sources: http://www.nailsbymets.com

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Vickieminx1 3 years ago

which to use with shellac?? thanks x

NAILSBYMETS 3 years ago

Hi Vickie if I understand your question correctly, you are asking which Nail Envy to use UNDER Shellac, is that correct? I'm not a Shellac nail tech but I use Gelish.

With both products I believe (and Shellac techs feel free to confirm) that you should NOT use any other products under Shellac.

If you were talking about using in between your Shellac applications, it's personal preference. Matte looks more natural and the original gives your nails a clear gloss.

Hope this helps.


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Ola-MakeupArtist 3 years ago

original one-green package xx

PParadise 3 years ago

Hi Vickie, Go for the Nail Envy Original works every time, the other types work just the same but it's if you would like a matt finish or a bit of colour finish.

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Vickieminx1 3 years ago

which do i use with shellac x thanks x

hairstylist2010 3 years ago

you could put acrylic over your natural nails without a tip, you could put gel nails over your nail plate without tips. that will strengthen your nail if nothing else works. so will shellac. but if u want to change the color you have to go into a salon to get it changed, as that stuff doesn't come off. hope u find something that works for you!

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

Doesnt matter, depends what finish you want gloss or matt. Both great products. Although I would have to say Nail Tiques is better http://www.nailtiques.com/ AMAZING product, you can get on Amazon cheaper too.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

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manicurist1988 3 years ago

the best product on the market is Rejuvacote . It has a 99% success rate , No other nail strenthener has proven to be so good .You can buy it at http://www.thenailbase.co.uk or on amazon

Image 3 years ago

Hi, the orginal nail envy will definitely be beneficial for you, you can apply it everyday without removing it for a week, then start again and in time your nails will be alot stronger and should grow quicker aswell.

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