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Question: What is the average price for a gel or regular manicure?

Asked by Nannahau 3 years ago

23 answers

What is the average price for a gel or regular manicure?

Manicure, Gel Nails

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3 years ago

The price of beauty treatments, like any other services in general, depends on the geographical area and the type of business provider. Highest prices £50 up you find in high-end cities in top-branded salons located either in hotels or spas, or on the high street.
I am a mobile nail tech in St Albans, Hertfordshire and charge £20 for an OPI Manicure, £25 for Shellac color gel, £27 for Shellac French. In Chinese/Vietnamese walk-in nail bars you might get a manicure for £10, gel overlays £15 but these places might not be safe as in their health and safety prctices (poor or lack of sanitasation techniques, products containing ingredients banned in EU, illegal immigrants etc.)

Other answers (22)

MassageSarah 3 years ago

my prices for manicure and pedicure are £25 per hour
mini mani/pedicures are £15.00

AwakenedTouch 3 years ago

£35 for initial gel manicure, £25 for top ups

Sources: Www.awakenedtouch.co.uk

AwakenedTouch 3 years ago

£35 for initial gel manicure, £25 for top ups

Sources: Www.awakenedtouch.co.uk

cottymarie 3 years ago

We do shellac nails for 20the pounds

Edshairsalon 3 years ago

Our price is £10 for manicure and £18 for the gel manicure

Sources: http://www.edshairbeauty.co.uk

Johanna 3 years ago

My prices are £12 for a manicure and £25 for gel manicure. Hope that helps but it very much depends on your location. Where do you live.

KSHAIRBOOK 3 years ago

The UV gel (Bio Sculpture) it cost £30
manicure with colour £10

SaksCranmore 3 years ago

23 for basics manicure
£40 geleration jessica manicure

maria-a-kyriakou 3 years ago

At the moment I have a deal going on for the next three months bio-sculpture gel for hands or feet 20 Euros.

Sources: https://www.facebook.com/CDSpa

Pina-c 3 years ago

My gels are £25 or £15 express mani or £25 luxury Mani

miss-j-whitter 3 years ago

I charge £30 for gel manicure and £35 for french gel manicure but less than 5mins from where I am they charge £20 for a gel manicure but don't actually carry out a full manicure. It really varies from place to place and type of establishment. In the South generally cost more than the North. Rents and travel expenses are higher in the South. West End and City locations more expensive. It is more important to find out the skill level and experience. The level of sanitation needs to be taken in consideration I use a UV Sterilizer for my equipment, a clean towel for each and every client, don't re-use toe spreaders or orange sticks. Who ever does your nails ask questions, feel comfortable and enjoy. Run various promotions regularly.

Sources: http://www.glamnaildiva.net

crystallady 3 years ago

We charge £20 for manicure/pedicure and £30 for shellac/gel manicure/pedicure. Best wishes.

BodyCraft 3 years ago


(I just posted a similar answer on a different question, so excuse the repetition)

Your treatment cost depends on your location, products used, experience & quality of service!
Id say do some research into your local area & see what other people are charging!

If your good, please dont undercut yourself as people will pay for your expertise!

Hope this helps!

As a ballpoint:
Manicure: £18 - £25
Pedicure: £22 - £30
Gel Nails: £18 - £26

eyelashesandnails 3 years ago

Hello, the prices are Manicure treatments
Shape & Paint 25mins £15.00
Mini manicure 45mins £22.00
(nail shape, cuticle treatment, massage, nail varnish)
Luxury manicure 1hr £28.00
(nail shape, soak, cuticle treatment, mask, hand massage, nail varnish)
Paraffin wax & Manicure 1hr30min £35.00
UV Gel Clear/French/Extensions 1:30 – 2hr £38.00
UV Gel Infill 1hr £25.00
Bio Sculpture gel treatments
Bio sculpture gel manicure 1hr £43.00
Bio sculpture gel manicure & soak of 1hr30mins £43.00
(for existing clients)
Bio sculpture gel extensions 2hr-2hr30mins £58.00

sexysam 3 years ago

average price for a gel manicure is around £20.00 to £25.00 and a regular manicure depending on where you go can range from £12.00 to £15.00

Laurie-Ardeman 3 years ago

Dear Nannahau

The price for our manicure is £25.00 and depending which gel brand you want the cost is as follows:

Geleration (No manicure) - £27.00
Geleration with manicure - £35.00
Bio Sculpture Gel (No Manicure) - £37.00

For all our prices, go to our website http://www.skindeep.eu.com


020 8236 0429

track1 3 years ago

Hi there. I charge £30 for a gel manicure or pedicure. Or a basic treatment manicure is £17.50. Hope that helps. Regards Tracey. beautyretreatfleet.co.uk

PrestigeNailsandBeauty 3 years ago

The prices for my local area (Liverpool) range between £15 and £20 for a Shellac manicure, i charge £18 as i am CND trained, carry out the full recommended by CND application and i use all the official CND products. My regular manicures start from £10. X

Sources: I am a fully qualified and insured beauty therapist who owns Prestige Nails and Beauty (Atherton Street, Prescot, Liverpool, L345QN) x

lovegelnails 2 years ago

dont use the nail tech at pinkies does what she wants not what you want and look out for the oriental ones in ashford they rush and use blades which cut my fingers and use dremmal like tool that cut through my nail bed and then charged 40 quid.

la-belle-vie 2 years ago


Mobile Beauty Therapist Sugaring Specialist, Experienced & Qualified

I cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & More

The treatments which I provide are . . . .

- Sugaring hair removal
- Waxing
- Brazilian Hot Wax
- Opi gelcolor/axxium manicures/pedicures (last up to 4 weeks chip free).
- Minx Nails
- LVL lashes Lift length volume lashes (last up to 6 weeks).
- Individual lash extensions (lasts up to 4 weeks).
- Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (lasts 4 weeks).
- Facials (Eve Taylor)
- Bridal and any occasion Makeup & Hair (I have a portfolio of work I have done . . . Arab and Asian makeup)
- Airbrush make up coming soon . . .

More services also available, please enquire.

If you would like anymore information on the services I have to offer please contact me.

SJ123 6 months ago

What's an average up to date cost to have a gel polish these days?

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