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Question: How often should I get reflexology done just for keeping healthy

Asked by Vickieminx1 3 years ago

15 answers

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Sarah-Pluves 3 years ago

I would recommend weekly if you can afford it. It depends too on your underlying health story and whether you are suffering from any particular chronic conditions.

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MMC123 3 years ago

When a client has their first reflexology session I prepare a very detailed chart of their feet prior to starting the treatment. This chart is then used as a measure on each visit to ascertain any visible improvements the treatment is having.

Along with what I can see from the chart and after the first session is over I will then recommend how often they should have the treatment. As a general rule of thumb this is usually weekly for between four to six weeks, after which it may be reduced to fortnightly or even monthly visits (as a maintenance programme). It very much depends on the clients health and how they feel.

However, someone with a chronic condition may still wish to attend weekly even though they are feeling better in themselves. I also have clients who use reflexology alongside other treatments - typcially massage or Metamorphic Technique.

Of course reflexology is such a lovely treatment, purely for relaxation purposes, that if you can afford it then have a treatment as often as you can...!!

Hope this helps,

MMC Holistic Therapies

Sources: http://www.pamperpartiesnorthwest.co.uk

massagebybetsy 3 years ago

With Reflexology and other massage modalities it depends on the persons body. How much do you work, are dealing with a lot of stress, are looking to get a certain result? These all factors in how much and for how long you should get massage. It depends on what you want from the treatment.

Usually the more time and the more frequent your treatments are the better results you will have, when you are trying to stay healthy.

Sources: http://www.reflexology-research.com/whatis.htm


NyameDua 3 years ago

Hello Vicky,

With my clients who take complementary therapies regularly, I advise them to have a Reflexology treatment at least once a month as this allows me to check whats going on with them internally!

My regulars are clients that have weekly/fortnightly complementary treatments, mainly massage & whilst massage allows me to deal with the physical presenting symptoms they maybe experiencing, Reflexology allows me to check that the cogs are working as they should internally & if not, suggest an alternative treatment or a few more Reflexology sessions to balance the body.

After your initial session with a Reflexologist, you should be advised as to their findings, from here you can both agree on a suitable treatment plan & schedule to reflect not only your symptoms/needs, but also your budget.

Hope this helps.x


Akosua @ Nyame Dua
Email: nyamedua.hb@gmail.com
Web: http://www.nyamedua.com
Tel: 07863 317 602

proacupuncture 3 years ago

I would recommend weekly or fortnightly, more treatment will get more benefit from this kind of very natural treatment.

Sources: http://www.proacupuncture.co.uk

Reflexologist 3 years ago

I have it done every fortnight. It's great for your immune system; it detoxes the body; helps release endorphins and is deeply relaxing.

mmm2hands 3 years ago

I can concur with all the answers below to one degree or another, especially Sarah's. Hard to answer for your specific case as many factors need to be taken into consideration body, health and finances-wise.

Indira 3 years ago

Agree with the responses below. THough if you are starting the treatment for a condition, then would suggest you have a course of 6 treatments and then every fortnightly and then once a month. Regular treatments will help with general health wellbeing .

Jacklyn 3 years ago

I would recommend one reflexology treatment a week, but it depends on what condition if any you have, or is it purely for relaxing. Usually people come for reflexology because they have a certain condition/ailment, I would see them once a week till they feel better, and would see them once a month for a little m.o.t., it all depends on if the client can afford the treatment as well. If you can not afford many treatments, once a month would be beneficial than none at all.

HeadToToe 3 years ago

For maintaining health a treatment once a week is always great. I would however suggest reflexology and lifestyle as a package. Have the treatment with your means and budget but also maintain health in other essential ways. These are of course fitness and diet. So reflexology can be added to the package as a maintainable for the body's immune system. Regular exercise each week along with good nutritional content on a daily basis.

peds60 3 years ago

I would recommend first 3 treatments quite close together say weekly then continue with treatments fortnightly or monthly however you often you feel you need it yourself

Kay-Turford 3 years ago

Reflexology is a very personal thing to you the client. On your initial visit the therapist will have completed with you an in depth consulation, a foot annalysis/ mapping and observations recorded they should then have completed feedback at the end of the session advising you regarding sessions and time scales to repeat with treatment aftercare sheet for you to go home with. The underlying problems if any discussed . I always deal with each client on their presenting problems and we work together with both reflexology and a wellness plan to address issues refering to other professional if i feel necessary. Usually there is an initial plan completed and then a maintainence is suggested to keep all meridians flowing.



meljo70 3 years ago

Listen to your body, It will tell you when you need it. Reflexology fortunately is not a treatment that you can have too often, so you may need it more times per month say in the winter than in the summer. A good reflexologist should be able to help you be in tune with your body.

Sources: meljo70

Image 3 years ago

Hi, I would definitely recommend a course of 6 reflexology treatments once a week then as maintenance once a month after that. Reflexology is incredibly good for all round health and is very relaxing so you will feel a big difference even after one treatment.

MarioD 3 years ago

Clients will always ask me how many treatments do I need? The answer to that is "only you know." I normally recommend weekly between 4-6 weeks, then fortnightly then monthly, but it all depends on so many factors. How long have you been ill for, is the condition chronic, finances.
I received treatments weekly for 3 months, but I felt marvellous after. It is also important that you maintain with at least one treatment per month.

Sources: http://www.headtotoereflexology.com
Mario Demetriou MAR
Member of the Association of Reflexologists
Member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

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