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Question: Reiki

Asked by andys 5 years ago

30 answers

Have been treating Reiki therapists who have had to stop giving treatments because of lack of energy. Is this common, and if so why.

Reiki, Shiatsu Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology

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townshendmt 5 years ago

It may be that instead of acting as a conductor and letting the energy flow thru, the person is forcing out their energy instead. You have to be able to open both mind and body and become one with the Universal Life Force Enegry and let it flow in, around and thru you and then into your client, not using your energy. It can be hard to do, I sometimes can feel a major drain on my batteries when working on someone.

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AmandaMcDermott 5 years ago

Hi Andy

Generally Reiki therapists should not feel that they are lacking in energy after giving a treatment. The energy passed on during the treatment is Universal energy and not the practitioner's own energy. In most cases the therapist actually feels some personal benefit after giving a treatment.

It could be that the therapists you mention are forgetting to disconnect from their clients at the end of the treatment and consequently they are carrying away some of their client's negative energy or 'baggage'. This is simple to rectify using the Kenyoku technique, otherwise known as dry bathing.

In working in the healing field, it is common that we are there because we want to help people. It is always good to remember that we must allow the client to process their issues with our help, rather than removing the issue entirely and thereby preventing the client from learning the lesson or facing the challenge that the issue brought up. Simply taking a client's issue away can mean that we are holding their 'baggage' for them and feel a drain of energy as a result.

Another source of help may be to placing crystals in the treatment room to help absorb and cleanse any negative energies which are left following a treatment. Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst are a good combination, placed in the room or under the couch. Wash these crystals after a treatment to cleanse them.

Hope this helps,


LouiseCardon 5 years ago

Reiki practitioners should regularly treat themselves as well as practise meditations and techniques that are designed to keep energy flowing freely and strongly through them. Some Reiki practitioners do not seem to have been taught in this way and consequently may find themselves unable to keep their own energy levels at optimum levels.

Sources: http://www.kestonnaturalhealth.co.uk/pages/therapies/reiki.php

HEALERH 5 years ago

do u do healing yourself?

bevers7770 5 years ago

I do not suffer with lack of energy after giving Reiki but i am a Clairvoyant as well so know how to close down from it.

Sources: starpsychicreadings.co.uk

SianRogers 5 years ago

Hi Andys, I'm not a Reiki healer myself, but as an Aromatherapist I can say that some clients either energise you or make you feel drained after a treatment.. From the little I know of Reiki if the Therapist is taking on too much work, not tapping into the energy flow and closing down in correct manner after then this could be draining them.

Everyone deserves some time out and being pampered, us Therapists are often very guilty of giving too much and not recharging our own batteries!

I think townshendmt has made a very valid point and being a Reike healer herse;lf knows her stuff.

All best

yogicris 5 years ago

This all depends on how many treatments they do a day, their own constitution, the teacher they trained with..Personally, I practice chi gung before a session, this increases and balances the inner energy channels, also gives me a certain amount of psychic protection.A tired practitioner, has the opportunity to look at them selves and make inroads to energise and harmonise...

DawnMellowship 5 years ago

A lot of Reiki practitioners are attuned incorrectly and/or taught not to use focus and intention during the healing, which results in them using their own energy for the healing, rather than using external energy. It is essential for Reiki practitioners to visualise the energy coming from them externally throughout the healing. Also, if they have been attuned incorrectly, they will be using their own energy rather than external energy.

marciasmassage 5 years ago

This is common but easily fixed if they are willing to take the initiative. I am a Reiki Master from Montana but have actually moved on to another form of energy healing. Anyone performing Reiki should feel energized afterward because the healing energy has gone through them; however, we tend to let other's feelings be absorbed by ourselves without even knowing it. There are several ways to protect yourself such as wearing protective stones, surrounding ourselves with white light before performing any treatment, calling angels and spirit guides for protection, etc. Townsend may also be correct, one should not send Reiki, they should allow the client to pull it through. Think about how you stay energized doing many massages per day.

Sources: http://www.marciasmassage.com; http://www.synergycentre.org

Eleana 5 years ago

Two mistakes many therapists make (and not only Reiki ones) are: (a) they don't protect themselves: ground properly before a treatment and/or guard themselves and their environments and auras against "interference"/psychic rubbish
(b) they don't cleanse themselves and their environment after they do a treatment. These two mistakes amount to the same as leaving your house unlocked and not dusting and physically cleaning and tidying your house on a regular basis.

There are some simple basic routines any therapist should do before and after a treatment in order to help themselves keep healthy and not deplete themselves either physically or mentally and emotionally. In addition, flower essences can help protect and guard and also cleanse the therapist and the space.

Eleana Needham
Dispensing Homeopath and Reiki Master Teacher

Sources: http://www.thehealingpond.com

sereneliving 5 years ago

It is not something I have experienced personally myself. I have always found myself to be more energised after giving reiki. The truth is that you are not giving your energy its tapping into the universal energy which is abundant.

TheLogCabin 5 years ago

They are not acting as a clear channel, instead of using the Reiki energy they are depleating their own. They should focus more on what they are doing and will therefore remain grounded and preserve their own energies and in fact should increase their energies as the Reiki will pass through them before it reaches the client.
This was common with older martial arts where the masters would perform healing, but in doing so they severely affected their own chi, so they only performed this when they reached high levels and even then not for extended periods.
The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the healing energy so should not experiance any energy depleation. They should also clear their space before and after treatments to remove any residual energies left by previous use of the room.
The Reiki practitioner should also be performing daily self treatments exactly as Mikao Usui taught.

Crystalharmony1 5 years ago

When you work with energy you are giving energy to your client and might get there energy back which causes lack of energy if you do not take time to heal yourself.

Agnes 5 years ago

If they are lacking energy after giving a Reiki treatment, there could be several different reasons why. After I give a Reiki treatment, I have more energy. You should not be using your own energy when giving a Reiki treatment but using Universal Energy. It could be because to much Ego is involved and they are taking on the other persons issues, thus holding it in their own bodies. It could also be because the therapist herself/himself may be in need to heal some issues they are going through in their own lives. They may not be addressing their own issues and it becomes lodged in our Chakras / muscles. This may also make one lethargic and tired. Its as if the universe is trying to give them a wake up call but they are not paying attention. Remembering to replenish ourselves by detaching from clients issues, giving ourselves breaks, doing Reiki on ourselves, working on our own issues and being playful are ways to increase our own energy. I hope this has helped in some way.

Sherree 5 years ago

Reiki should energize both the giver and the receiver. I would suspect that they giver is not opening to use the universal life energy and/or they are not cutting the energy cord and sealing the energy into their clients. The other other thing I would suggest is their diet. Those who do healing work need to be eating nutrient dense foods. The body needs to be able to deal with the large amounts of energy that pass throught it and an improper diet or one containing large anounts of junk food does not support the energy healing they are doing.
The other thing I might ask is what level of Reiki do they have. If they they are not Reiki Masters, they may want to pursue that path is they want to continue to do a lot of healing work.

Hope this helps,

Sherree Ross, AADP
Holistic Health Coach
Reiki Master/ Teacher

BodyCoachNaz 5 years ago

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your question.

Can I just clarify that you have been treating Reiki Therapists & it is the Therapists themselves that are experiencing low levels of energy?

If yes, then this could possibly be from a number of reasons. Any Practitioner offering treatments of any kind which involves concentration and physical effort will experience increased/decreased levels of energy throughout the day depending on their schedule, number of hours worked in a day, their own health & diet/eating patterns, personal stress, the types of clientele they see and how much time, mental and physical effort is required per treatment.

My answer is probably based on my experience with my own clients who are working professionals involved in various fields. Too often they are so busy doing their jobs that they pay little attention to their own health.

I feel that if the physical body is taken care of, then mental health & energy flow much more naturally.

Stay healthy.....x

5 years ago

Hi there,

This is not uncommon. Being a Reiki Practitioner, I believe that 1) the basic practice is to make sure that you set the intention of self-protection before starting a Reiki treatment, 2) make sure that you disconnect from your client when the session is complete and 3) it is good practice to do a self-cleansing treatment after a treatment.

Negative energy exists everywhere and is known to being draining. The disconnection is important as you want to avoid absorbing any more negative energy than necessary from your client/the environment you’ve been in once the treatment is complete.

It is good for a Reiki Practitioner to make sure that they are consistent with their own personal Reiki practice also as this strengthens the bond with the positive Reiki energy.

Basically, there are few reasons for a Practitioner to experience lack of energy unless they are actually sick and/or not taking care of their own well-being before, during and after treating clients.

I hope this helps!
Best wishes, Daniella

Daniella Gordon
Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Sources: http://dgthelifecoach.wordpress.com/reiki

NyameDua 5 years ago

Hello There,

Thanks for your query.
One of the principle things we are taught during Reiki initiation is to protect ourselves as healers.

Pre treatment, this means putting ourselves in a protective bubble, the colour it should take, is dependant on the therapist & intuition should guide here.

Also, the therapist should be very clear on who's energy they are channelling to heal.
This should be the "Universal Life Force Energy - Prana - Chi" which doesn't come from within.

Sounds like your clients are using they're own energy to heal, hence they're feeling drained.
Its the same with any complementary therapy.

They should also make sure their eating a good & balanced diet & lots of low GI (Glycemic Index) foods.

Hope this helps.x

reSource-therapy 5 years ago

It is something that can happen if the therapist does not properly ground, center and shield themselves and something that will absolutely happen if a therapist is not a clear channel. By this I mean that a Reiki therapist (or any energy worker) needs to do their own work to clear their own energy blocks. If someone is not a clear channel, their "buttons" will be "vibrated" by their clients in places where their issues coincide.

Janay 5 years ago

Hi Andy, I think it is a common problem and it is the age old story that therapists take care of everyone else and forget they also need some rest and repair time. I see a hypnotherapist, acupuncturist and go for spinal touch at least once a month each.

Stresslessholistic 5 years ago

Protecting your self and regular salt baths helps. I always teach protection as there are many vampires out there ready to drain you. kenyoku dry bathing and practicing regular hara work may help
Hope that helps

MoyraStinsonBacktoBacks 5 years ago

Sorry, I have not come across this.

BodyMattersThearapy 5 years ago

Hi, i am not a Reiki healer myself .

DynamicCalm 5 years ago

Yes some valid points mentioned here, namely that a practitioner should maintain regular self treatment, and very important also is to remember that a reiki practitioner is not a giver or taker of energy...there should be no energy loss here...perhaps thinking of it as if the practioner is acting as a 'funnel' for the universal energy to flow through and go where it needs to go so the client may re-balance where needed.

Imago 5 years ago

I don't think it's common at all the.I don't think they have been listening properly to their teacher.......or they have misunderstood the concept of Reiki.
Therapists have obviously not been allowing the energy to flow through them; they are a channel for universal energies it shouldn't be their own energies they use. Any person can be tired from an illness or just doing too much -but NOT from doing Reiki. Pat,

Sources: p.wann@blueyonder.co.uk

rbela 5 years ago

Lack of energy is a sign that they dont give reiki enough to yourself and don't have a healthy life style which includes some sort of excercise and eating well. Self care is important. Give and Receive of energy should be in good balance. Only when we ourselves have enough love for self can be give more. Unfortunately some just like to give more. Reiki flows naturally but if we have low energies within us, it goes first to us and then to clients which and the flow is slow and harldly there which means you will feel the need to push and its not the way Reiki should go. You are the empty glass. Fill yourself with reiki ,then reiki flows above you not through you and exhausts you. Reiki therapists need to take good care of themselves as its a very souldful work too.

Sources: http://www.robinreiki.com , http://www.coursesinreiki.com

Kay-Turford 5 years ago

It could be that they need to ground more using/wearing crystals using extra visuliseation also have the therapists been treating there clients with more than one form of healing as this can sometime bring in a lack of energies/ illnesses.

I do take it that it is the therapists you are talking about?

Also it is important to disconnect and send any unwanted/excess energies away to the earth to be re generated

stay safe live long

Healingwayswicklow 5 years ago

Hi there a Reiki practictioner should be grounded and energitically protected before they start a treatment. You can protect yourself by surrounding yourself in white light and asking Archangel Michael for protection.

I prefer to imagine my self in like a pink tube of pink light that way I am still open to the client with love but protected too. I would normally feel quite energised after giving a treatment as the energy has flowed through me first. I always feel in good form afterwards. Maybe these Reiki therapists need to have a few treatments themselves to restore their energy levels!

They should not give up doing treatments if they are passionate about it. They just need to
do some cleansing and self treatments. Even a cold shower just for a few minutes and intend for the Reiki to flow through the shower head and cleanse their Auras and Chakras. They should also balance their chakras with the appropriate colour of the chakra and intention. But mainly they should give themselves self daily treatments and get cracking again and not give up.

Hope this helps


Sources: http://www.healingwayswicklow.com

TomChancyLMT-NCTM 4 years ago

The only reason a Reiki practitioner would "lack energy" is because of a lack of "shielding" from the outside elements. As an LMT and Reiki practitioner, I not only have a Tibetan clear quartz crystal with Black Turmaline and phantoms in my massage room at all times, I also keep on my person a pouch with Chakra stones, a star ruby, and another quartz amplifier in it to protect me. It also helps that when someone is performing Reiki on someone that they also keep their intention in the highest possible vibration and also say a quick prayer to be protected by all the love and good around them and that they only perform right and love as the intention in the Reiki session.

I have come to many energy healers' rescue besides Reiki practitioners who do not follow this simple tenet of protection and shielding. Those that don't often suffer from transference and fatigue from having their energy "taken" rather than facilitating as they should.

ReikiWithMamta 4 years ago

There are over 100 different forms of Reiki being practised in the world today. As you can imagine Reiki practitioners are being taught various different ways to look after themselves.

I am a student of the traditional form of Reiki as it was practised by Mrs Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to the west from Japan. What I have been taught is the best way to look after ourselves when offering Reiki sessions to members of the public, is to self treat regularly. I give myself a Reiki treatment everyday. I also make sure that I receive a Reiki treatment from someone else (preferably from a practitoner who self treats regularly) periodically.

Reiki is all about restoring balance. Before being able to help others, we have to be able to heal ourselves. Therefore it is important to spend some time after learning Reiki to strengthen ourselves by self treating regularly (preferably everyday), by making sure we have received some Reiki treatments ourselves to know what it feels like to have received Reiki. It is also very important to give treatments to family and friends to gain experience of giving Reiki treatments before starting to offer Reiki treatments to the public.

The recommendation from The Reiki Association is to work for one year after learning level I Reiki informally, and to self treat regularly, receive 20 and give 50 in person treatments of at least one hour duration during that time.

I feel that if we start with a good foundation, our public practice will go from strength to strength.

I have been offering Reiki treatments to the public since 2004, and I rely on my Reiki practice to look after myself.

Sources: http://www.reikiwithmamta.com/

Answer Comments

StressCoach 4 years ago

I agree with some of what reikiwithmamta says, I have been using reiki since 1992 and seen very wide changes in the view of what reiki is and how it is taught.
I teach the more traditional western teaching and find there can be various reasons or low energy which can include not setting intent or focus as mentioned. also many therapists do no treat themself or go for reiki from someone else. If you are acting as a channel you should be as healthy as you can be. Saying that I have to comment I have suffered m.e. before i began working with reiki, so I pace myself and my reiki treatments.

It has saddened me to personally have had reiki students and therapist come with what they would view as negative experiences in relation to reiki levels that were taught to close together or what it would seem not taught properly. Although I was originally taught reiki can do no harm and does what is should do. But if it is not being taught properly and not with the correct intent is it reiki anymore, just a thought. ?

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