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Question: Will I have an allergic reaction from this treatment?

Asked by Kristina 5 years ago

4 answers

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Ernest 5 years ago

It is hard to tell weather or not you will have an allergic reaction to this treatment. The oils should be deluted when using it directly on the skin. Oils can also be used in a diffuser which allows you to smell it rather then having it abosber directly into the skin. If you did have questions about any one of the oils I would ask the therapist to place a small amount on a towel or tissue first to make sure you would be ok with it.

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Moonwaves 5 years ago

Probably not. Most people do not have any kind of allergic reaction to massage therapy or aromatherapy. But if you are one of the rare people who do experience an allergic reaction, we can adapt the therapy to avoid the problem.

Allergic reactions to massage lubricants and aromatherapy oils are possible. I use high-quality lubricants and fresh pure oils without preservatives. I have a personal policy in my own practice that I won't use a carrier oil that I wouldn't eat, and my essential oils are always single-ingredient. None of my clients has had an allergic reaction, but just in case, I have a variety of lubricants. Some of my clients bring their own. And I can adapt many techniques to use no lubricants at all.

I have a client who is allergic to the detergent usually used to launder our sheets. I keep a set of sheets that have been laundered with a different detergent and double-rinsed for her.

Some people also experience symptoms that are similar to allergic symptoms from the massage itself. Skin redness can be caused by the skin being moved and stretched. This is normal, a sign of improved circulation, and usually fades within minutes. Nasal congestion can result from lying face down in a face cradle. If a client is bothered by this, I do not use the face cradle, or limit the amount of time the client is face-down. In an extreme case, I would use the massage chair instead of the table, but that has never been necessary.

In my experience, allergic type reactions to massage therapy are extremely rare (except for positional nasal congestion) and mild. And can always be worked around.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

It is very important to know what medication you are taking so the therapist can know if there may be any contraindications. Knowledge of what you maybe allergic to is also helpful. For example: some people are allergic to lavander.

Pam01 5 years ago

unlikely, though any therapist should conduct a full consultation to find out more about you, including any allergies. The therapist would then mix a blend for you based on the answers of the consultation.

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