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Question: Which would be more suitable to combat migraines, reflexology or acupuncture?

Asked by rosalyn-gomersall 5 years ago

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HolisticSanctuary 5 years ago

Both therapies are often found to help; ensure that your practitioner is fully qualified, check them out and ask to see their qualifications and up to date insurance.
A good practitioner of either therapy will take a full history to get a complete picture of your migraines.
Reflexology may be more relaxing particularly if you are unsure about the needling aspect of acupuncture. One word of caution, don't have both - they are quite powerful! Whatever you choose stick with one or the other for a course of treatment coupled with any lifestyle advice given and see what happens. If you find no improvement, try the other therapy for a course. That way you will know what works best for you, and you will only be paying for one therapy at a time.

Sources: http://www.aor.org.uk

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YogaCenter 5 years ago

I have provided great therapy and counseling for migraines and found some common denominators. First you can have a hormone imbalance or second an out of control intestinal yeast problem that may kick up once or twice a month and both can be helped with the right kind of direction and internal support or chiropractic care if a vertebra is out of alignment. Of course yoga has relieve many problems including migraines. Craniosacral therapy would be a fantastic non invastive alternative. Many also think they are having migraines when they aren't and it's food related. It's great to keep a daily journal of foods and see if there is a connection with the onset of the headache or migraine. Migraines usually last 7 to 10 days. Light even indoors with an overhead light or table lamp cause more pain to the point of nausea and for some vomiting. Hope this helps. See http://www.path2wellness.com Evy Corpus Christi, TX

Andreas 5 years ago

As an experienced Reflexologist I have had clients who suffered from migraines and headaches for many years. After having reflexology sessions they reported to have cleared of these. As this therapy is non-invasive and involves more human touch I will go with it.

But without bias and never personally had Acupuncture I cannot comment.

At the end of the day it one's faith, connection between the therapist and the client, and the self-belief in becoming better and well.

Sources: Experience as a theraist

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