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Question: Why do so many gyms sell cheap protein? Why do so many gyms sell cheap protein, weight-gain powders

Asked by scott39 5 years ago

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Ambition 5 years ago

For the simple fact; to make money, no other reason. The great thing about visiting a Gym is the opportunity to meet the talented and dedicated professionals who may work there as Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors or providers of other ancillary services. So don’t buy the cheap powders, eat some protein in your diet instead and if you are requiring a protein supplement buy a good organic one. You may already be aware of that though Scott. All the best. Jeff

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scott39 5 years ago

yes mate how are you are you doing C.H.E.K..p level 3 ? if you are i see you san digo in july

Ambition 5 years ago

Hi Scott, I am afraid most of my time is spent trying to grow the buisness and push our simple message. It would be great to do level 3 some time. Enjoy it. Jeff

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BEMER-Health-Centre 5 years ago

The only weight-loss products we sell is Herbalife, and Herbalife are involved with world-class sportsmen & women across the globe, as their main nutrition-form, with great success. I am very proud to say that we do not sell cheap protein, as I am sure the reason they are cheap is because there is little to no nutritional value in them.

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