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Question: i am obese, i am looking for a weight loss clinic or fitness center in central london.

Asked by dajazzgal 4 years ago

7 answers

i am obese and want to lose weight the natural way, please recomand a reliable and good place with excellent results. thanks

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jarodchapman 4 years ago

Hi Dajazzgal ! with a name like that you sound as though you like to dance , in which case you are best designing a fitness schedule that includes a daily exercise routine , a structured nutrition plan and doing a physical hobby such as dancing . Exercise is a must , your determination and willpower in conjunction with consistency will get you results , it isn't easy so be prepared to fight , but hey , your health and wellbeing is worth it . I volunteer for a community health programme at the central London YMCA and know that it's facilities are fantastic and truly worthwhile checking out .
Please check out my details on my website .

to your Health and Happiness ,


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ldnpt 4 years ago

Hi there my name is Ross, I regulary help people just like you to lose weight through personal training and better nutrition education. I'm a personal trainer located 2 mins walk from Liverpool street station, you can see the other people that I've helped, read what they had to say about their experience and generally learn more about me on my website here http://www.london-city-fitness.co.uk.

I offer a free no obligation consultation and first session to all new customers so you can try me out and see how what I do gets great results. To schedule yours you can e-mail at ross@london-city-fitness.co.uk or call me on 07904095432.

All the best
Ross Adkin
City of London Personal Training

4 years ago

Thank you for your interest in weight loss treatments. I am hoping we can help you. We offer a tailor made diet which we deliver to your door. The food is delicious and average weight loss is about 3 lbs a week. We also offer you your own Personal Weight Loss Advisor, who will guide you as you lose weight as well as support you with fitness and exercise tips. Please have a look at our web site www nkddiet.com, or call 020 7193 6410 for a chat. We are always here to help.

GregBatchelor 4 years ago

Choose a gym based on the trainer operating within it as that will have more influence on your results rather than the gym itself. Shop around by booking consultations with trainers and possibly free trial workouts. Then you decide which trainer to use.

scott39 4 years ago

hi being obese is not a good thing but you can get out of it with good food and rest because you body under lots of stress do you need ?a gym when you can do the no workout workout i know this sound mad but i have help lots of obese client with good food and rest and zone training all it takes 15 mins a day and you see the lb come of you body with out push youslfe hard with the gym will do and you may get up set with that ihave work in gym for some 10 years and seen lots of obese client come and go and that why i have no workout workout

Sources: books

Fitness4London 2 years ago

check out the Fitness4London website, it has a lot of advice on exercise for obese people, and a directory of gyms in London too.

Sources: http://www.fitness4london.com

scott39 2 years ago

buy a book on thi chi you can do it park at no cost to you chi training will balance your that all can say there be lots going on in side you as mental and emotional issues

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