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Asked by andys 5 years ago

32 answers

Can you help out?

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spigner 5 years ago

as a mother and a proffesional, my favorite is a relaxation massage. 90 min. of bliss.

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FrankOrozco 5 years ago

For mum I would buy a spa package. spa packages can be custom fit to meet your needs/wallet. You can purchase a mani/pedi, a facial/shampoo blowdry, or a haircut/haircolor. Even a bodywrap. And if tone of these isn't enough you can always buy them all together which comes with a lite lunch.

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cmiller 4 years ago

this is so sweet - definitely a great gift package!

erinelsenbach 5 years ago

Andy I would recommend a combination of treatments. If your mother gets her hair done and nails done, then find out where she goes and get a gift certificate from there and maybe add a facial as well! All women love to be pampered so whatever you decide I am sure she will love!

LauraDutraHairDesigner 5 years ago

Hello Andy,
Your best bet is to get a gift certificate from the salon/stylsit she goes to and see if there is a special service she has been interested in. Mom's usually do not spend extra money on themselves.

LadiiAce 5 years ago

To show appreciation and love for your mother I would suggest a spa package that has a range of things. If its her first time going to the Spa of your choice the get her a spa package that gives her the full effect of the spa, so if she likes it she will be sure to go back. Like a Swedish massage with a europian facial and also a foot scrub/ massage.

Snipit 5 years ago

I say get her a pedicure, and a body massage. They are so relaxing something that maybe she doesn't do for herself. Most likely she already has her hair done so I think that this would be a treat.

Rimamari 5 years ago

I think that the best gift you could give you mum would be a sweedish massage and a spa mani and pedi!You can go to many spas and ask them about their spa packages which combine many different treatments at a better price and will leave her feeling like a queen at the end of the day,I would know i am a mom too and i would absolutely love to be pampered for a day.!!!You cant loose with this i promise!

5 years ago

For mom, I would recomend you start with an anti-aging facial, like our European Facial by Valmont. You migh also want to add a nice relaxing massage...like our 60min Swedish Massage to top her spa visit off!

Sources: http://www.jeunessespa.com

Lana1980 5 years ago

Hair Colouring & Highlights Treatments !!!!

Sources: I would love for someone to take care of my Hair Colouring service and if you look good you feel good!!!

KrystlizedDesigns 5 years ago

I really think that a nice beauty spa and massage day would be relaxing and invigorating!

lomi-lomi 5 years ago

Packages for 2 which mum can share with someone else e.g a friend or daughter always do well as it's nice for gifts to be shared with someone special. Wahanda have a great range of 2 for 1 deals so you can treat 2 people for the price of 1. Treatments such as facials and massages are always in the bestsellers.

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cmiller 4 years ago

Love the 2 for 1 special idea - nothing better than a Spa anything for 2 :)

ReginaB 5 years ago

I think the best gift you can buy for your mum is a day at the spa WITH her. Depending on how comfortable your mum is with the massages and the like. Some women aren't comfortable with being touched by strangers so maybe a nice scalp treatment w/deep conditioning and style. A really relaxing Manicure and Pedicure could follow. Each service has different treatments so the prices will vary and can comfortably fir into any price range. As long as you're there with her to keep her company and enjoy the day with her , I'm sure she will love anything you suggest. Remember.....Spa days are great for any age and both sexes so remember your dad too!

SelenaHS1 5 years ago

Moms love massages! So anything where they can go spend a day relaxing would be great!

Stylusstar2000 5 years ago

I agree with everyone else. I nice spa package. And then end her day of relaxing beauty with a shampoo/blow dry. So she looks as beautiful as she feels. You can look online for spa's. Look at SPA FINDER for you local spa/salon.

5 years ago

Look for something luxurious thats good value as well as good quality. Check out our special offer especially for mothers day now extended due to popularity until the end of March. http://www.essentialspa.co.uk

interlockstyles 5 years ago

A gift certificate to her favorite salon/spa is always appropriate! Mom's tend to always do special things for others before themselves. A combination of special treatments like :a facial, massage with steam and sauna therapy would be nice also. Something relaxing and rejuvenating will be remembered and appreciated:-)

Tammy1143 5 years ago

I would recommend a Spa Pedicure...some women neglect their feet because it's not something you see all the time! This service is very Relaxing & Soothing to the mind & body. And the Best of all your feet are amazingly smoooth!

ShannanStewart 5 years ago

mani/pedi and maybe a wash/ blowdry

ReikiWithMamta 5 years ago

I would give my mother the gift of a Reiki treatment because this could turn out to be a gift for life, not just for the day.
If she likes the Reiki treatment, I would give her the gift of learning Reiki next time ie book her a place on a Reiki class. Anyone who would like to can learn Reiki. No special ability or experience is required. Reiki is quick and easy to learn and to practise. We can use Reiki in our daily lives, for ourselves, for friends and family, children or animals and even plants.
I am a mother and find Reiki invaluable in my life. I have also taught Reiki to my mother, and to my father, and they find it very beneficial.
If you would like to find out more about Reiki, learning Reiki, or me, you can visit my website on http://www.reikiwithmamta.com/ReikiClasses.htm
Mothers tend to put other family members first and themselves pretty far down their priority list. Having Reiki in her life could transform her life and give her a tool to enhance her own wellbeing. When we are feeling good, we are in a much better space to look after others in our life. Who knows, one day if you are suffering, your mother might be able to give you a Reiki treatment and help you to feel better...

Sources: http://www.reikiwithmamta.com

MsLara 5 years ago

Check our mylegendarybeauty.net. There is a huge assortment of skin care products specific to your mother's skin type as well as condition. You can aslo get a discount of 20% by using this code LBMom

Sources: http://www.mylegendarybeauty.net

CosmoGurl 5 years ago

if i were you i would purchase a spa package, you can custom it depending on your price range. she can get everything from hair, to nails, to massage and facial.... there are alot of different choices, if she is in her older years, i would definitly get her that, would make her feel beautiful, especially having her hair washed and conditioned would be wonderful, if she does pedi and mani just make sure its a spa pedi and mani that includes the massage of the arms and hands and feet to knees. she would greatly appreciate it

KateY 5 years ago

A massage is always a luxurious relaxing treat and indian head massage is also very beneficial also including a back head and facial massage

91105 5 years ago

u can't go wrong with a spa package.. something that includes a manicure and pedicure would be great for spring / mothers day. It is a very relaxing experance and her hands and feet will look wonderfull just in time for flip flops / sandels.. body wraps and massages are also very nice and relaxing, but make sure she's comfortable un dressing for those.. they do supply cover for the private areas tho.

Kthrne 5 years ago

It really depends what she likes to have done. Somemoms might feel uncomfortable for whataever reason with certain services. I would suggest a gift certificate in a certain denomination maybe $100 or $200. Something she can use a few times. I would also suggest askin your mums stylist if shes ever mentioned wanting to try something new and make sure theres enough in the gift certificate for her to purchase that something extra. Also makesure its a place she's been to or really wants to try.

InstyleIdaho 5 years ago

How about a Hot Stone Back Treatment. Has hot stone back massage followed by a brown sugar, olive oil with peppermint scrub, fruit enzyme and clay masque, extractions if needed. Mole check, organic toner and moisturizer and a hand & foot massage. All for under $100.

GlamaGirl 5 years ago

Well, I'm a professional makeup artist and I suggest a makeover. Eyebrows threaded, individual eyelashes (which stay on for 2 weeks) and makeup. Then take her to a nice Saturday lunch or dinner so you don't have to wait in line all day on Sunday. I'm located in Dectur, GA if I can be of assistance in making it happen for her. Gail@thefantasyfaces.com

SilverHand 5 years ago

My suggestion is to purchase a spa package that excludes anything she may have already tried or does on a regular basis herself. Pampering is always great, but a new experience will be more memorable and appreciated by many.

MBarnes 5 years ago

For mothers day i think a brazilian blowdry or a nice cut and finish is a good present depending on the condiotion of your Mum's hair

thainyspa 5 years ago

Let's us treat your mom to what she deserves!
Special Promotion for Mother's day @ Thai New York Spa & Salon

Full body massage or Signature Facial 60 min. Plus a shampoo & Blow Dry. All for only $90

Full body Massage 60 min. and Super Clean Facial 70 min. All for only $130

For more information and our current promotions please visit us online at http://www.thainyspa.com or call 718 932 0998-9

Thai New York Spa & Salon
23-92 21st ST, Astoria, NY 11105

We Love you,

Sources: http://www.thainyspa.com

McGeorgemobilemassage 5 years ago

well if moms been working hard a full day of pampoering to tell her how much u appreciate her and if u do the pampering all the more shell love it!

MassagebySarah 5 years ago

As a mother and massage therapist I would recomend buying a gift certificate for Swedish Massage, hydrotherapy, and possibly an exfoliation service and body mask. She deserves to be pampered. Not only are these treatments going to pamper her, but they are great for her overall health as well.

la-belle-vie 2 years ago

Hi, I have different packages available.


Mobile Beauty Therapist Sugaring Specialist, Experienced & Qualified

I cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & More

The treatments which I provide are . . . .

- Sugaring hair removal
- Waxing
- Brazilian Hot Wax
- Opi gelcolor/axxium manicures/pedicures (last up to 4 weeks chip free).
- Minx Nails
- LVL lashes Lift length volume lashes (last up to 6 weeks).
- Individual lash extensions (lasts up to 4 weeks).
- Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (lasts 4 weeks).
- Facials (Eve Taylor)
- Bridal and any occasion Makeup & Hair (I have a portfolio of work I have done . . . Arab and Asian makeup)
- Airbrush make up coming soon . . .

More services also available, please enquire.

If you would like anymore information on the services I have to offer please contact me.

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