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Asked by andys 5 years ago

22 answers

Can you help out?

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massagebybetsy 5 years ago

Aromatherapy would be beneficial, it will help keep client relaxed through out the sports stretching/ massage techniques.

If you just want to add something simple you can use Eucalyptus at the beginning of the service, will help open up the clients sinuses and help get more oxygen to there muscles.

If you want to get more advanced this is what I do for my clients, I posted the website I got the recipe from.

Pre- Sports Rub:

2 drops rosemary

1 drop lavender

1 drop eucalyptus

First, blend all the essential oils together, and then add to 4 teaspoons of our massage oil base (or any plain base/carrier oil). Stir gently to mix and apply to the body prior to exercise.

Post- Sports Rub:

2 drops lavender

1 drop juniper

1 drop rosemary

Mix the essential oils together, then add to 4 teaspoons of our massage oil base (or any plain base/carrier oil). Stir gently to mix and apply to body.

Sources: http://www.dreamingearth.com/recipes.html

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Carlotta 5 years ago

Yes, aromatherapy would be an added bonus to many massages. Certain esssential oils have healing properties and penetrate really well into muscle tissue to aleviate pain and soreness. You will have to look up the best one to use for the specific issue the client is having.

Arkskincare 5 years ago

Yes, I do think it's a good idea because I believe essential oils can enhance the effect of your massage. There are essential oils (some already mentioned) such as Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper, Vetiver or Lemongrass that, when added to a plant oil base, can act as topical circulatory stimulants and help to boost the local circulation around muscles and joints and flush out toxins. You could also add in essential oils that have an analgesic effect (Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cardamon) which can help with relieving pain in any sore areas. If you haven't done this before, don’t forget that there are contraindications with using essential oils so it would be best to consult a registered aromatherapist if you want to make up your own blends or use a pre-blended oil from an aromatherapy supplier.

ExceptionalBodyworkbyJen 5 years ago

Ya, I could do that.

healingwatersinc 5 years ago

Yes, definitely! The aromatherapy oils can help relax and nourish the muscles therefore providing optimal release of any affected areas.

LisaSherwoodLMT 5 years ago

you could use some aromatherapy, in order to add to the treatment.....sore muscle oil rubs, for inflammation and or for bruising.

JoanneB2010 5 years ago

I do not have much experience with aromatherapy oils so I probably would not be doing that in the near future. Someone working in a spa could use aromatherapy oils with their bundled treatments. I can see how it would be beneficial, helping the client relax even more would always be a good thing. I know the sense of smell is a very strong sense. A client may really enjoy that type of treatment. As far as combining it with a Sports massage it would depend on what the client likes. I find that Sports Massage is usually about helping an athlete to stay healthy, avoid cramping and be ready for their next sporting event. I'm not sure if the two would be wanted together very often. The client will let you know what they want and need. It's great if you can really customize the massage to their needs.

GypsyQueen 5 years ago

Yes I would , Eucalyptus is great for that

Tamara-FB 5 years ago

Yes, but good quality of essential oil are very important for effective treatmant/massage<
my suggestion for Post-Sports massage:
(Sensitive tendons and back stiffness, very useful after a physical or athletic effort)
E.O. Wintergreen 2 drops
E.O. Tarragon 2 drops
E.O Laurel (Bay) 1 drop
Base oil: Hazelnut or Sweet Almond 4-8 drops
Use: massage 4 to 6 drops into affected area, as needed.

It will work like magic !!!

Sources: http://www.bioamara.co.uk/shop

KGmassage 5 years ago

I definitely believe aromatherapy can be beneficial to any technique, considering the wide variety and uses of different oils. Many oils (Lavender, Lemon, Pine, Tuberose etc.) are known to relieve stress in a patient which aids all modalities. For sports massage, I might use Patchouli Oil because of it invigorating and stimulating properties to help the muscles recover faster.

Sources: http://www.aromatherapy-stress-relief.com/oiltable.html

Hypnosis 5 years ago

It seems like an unlikely mix, but if the client needed some energy or more calming down, of course you would match the appropriate oils with your massage.

JinaSmithLMT 5 years ago

Yes, a lot of essential oils have properties that help muscle tissue soreness and circulation. It is also helps in relaxation.

scole 5 years ago

I suppose you could. You could use the stronger smelling ones like Eucalyptus to stimulate them and to help with breathing. Maybe after the event as a post event massage you could use the calming scents like Lavender. But for the most part they aren't usually used for such a massage. They don't really want to be smelling like all of that when they go to their event lol.

Joons 5 years ago


Yes, I believe the blend of sports massage and aromatherapy will increase the benefit for the clients.


Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

Most definatley. Not only will they be getting the benefits from the sports massage but they will be gaining something extra by having the essential oils working in conjunction.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

Why not? Aromatherapy can be used for muscle strain.

SilverHand 5 years ago


Massagebybestsy has given a great answer for this question. What I might add is
that if the Sports Massage is directly following an event or training session then the right oil
mixtures become more significant. The oil selection can reduce recovery time and provide
more benefit from the massage on the whole. Essential oils that help open the sinuses
which in turn facilitates oxygenating muscles, as well as topically invigorating the muscles
and allow a continuing effect after the massage will serve best. Essential oils like Rosemary
and Eucalyptus in such mixtures however topical allergies have to be addressed as well.
Should a client have a reaction, a few other oils that I have success with are Wintergreen,
Clove bud, and Grapefruit.

Be aware also, citrus smells can be utilized as well in protocols as a way to set in
motion positive mentality before an event or lift the athletes’ mental state after events.

kgline 5 years ago

Sports Massage isn't about the aroma but releasing knots in muscle for better performance.

smitty 5 years ago

Yes, certain essential oils can help with detox after an event

HeatherMoll 5 years ago

I'm with Beverly on this one! I work in a health club and often see athletes wanting a "sports massage" which does not typically include aromatherapy. I can certainly see the benefits of certain EO's to relax tense muscles. The Tiger Balm that I use is extremely aromatic as is the cryoderm. But I think it's important that we don't confuse the purpose of the Sports Massage itself. There are a lot of good responses addressing this. If you are using a product or EO with your sports massage and it has a property that either penetrates the soft tissue for better manipulation and/or stimulation then great! I would just consider that a bonus. But I would not see the benefit in trying to market an Aromatherapy Sports Massage.

ErinKearney 5 years ago

yes it would def help and it would be a bonus and it would help the muscles relax a little more

BeverlyCalderon 5 years ago

SPORTS MASSAGE PEOPLE!!!! Compressions, series of stretches for post and pre training! It's not meant to be a relaxing spa massage... You want to increase your range of motion... prep for better performance!!!!! Most of my Sports Massages are done on site, in a locker room with athletes!! Come on now!! I guess you can throw in Aroma therapy if your treating in your private office... sure, it won't hurt! =) In the business for about 6 years... dealt with may athletes!! Want to perform at your optimum level? Give me a call, I'm located in Garden City... If your an athelete, I will work with you where ever you go! Want a PRIVATE session, visit me... PRIVATE office in GARDEN CITY, NY. 516-779-3282

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