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Question: How long do gel nails usually last?

Asked by 1 year ago

8 answers

I had gel nails done today and was just wondering how long they will last from now?

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ALHattie 1 year ago

Hi there, it depens if you have had gel nail enhancements they will need to be infilled every two weeks at a push three.

If you've had a soak off gel application it would be three weeks max. Some clients do get four weeks from them, however there would generally be a lot of regrowth by that point which needs to be considered. The condition of the nails plays an contributing factor to how long they will last, the healthier the nail the better results.

The main thing is follow your after care advice and use cuticle oil regularly and enjoy your nails :)

Sources: http://www.beautyatthesalon.com

Other answers (7)

bodysilk 1 year ago

Gel nails should last up to 3-4 weeks.

Sources: http://www.bodysilk.co.uk

AtlantisBeautySalonLtd 1 year ago

Hi Angie, The Harmony Gelish will last a good three / four weeks, they are so good they then either need in-fills or soaked off with aceyone.

Daiva1 1 year ago

It should last 2.5-3 weeks

Bex1977 1 year ago

My clients go anything between 3 and 6 weeks......with the bio sculpture gel. All depends on how u r with them. Also some people dont like the re-growth so will get done before they actually need them done.
Other gels id say 3 weeks ish.
Keep oiling ur nails......x

TopazBeauty 1 year ago

It really depends on which brand/ product you have had, and how you look after them. I have clients who have them re done every 2 weeks others last 4 weeks. hope that helps!

StoneAgeQueen 1 year ago

Mine always last about 3 weeks. I normally get them soaked off then because they will have grown out quite a bit. My favourite is Shellac but Artistic is good too!

Sources: experience

ahealingtouch 1 year ago

hi there they last for 2-3 weeks a better choice then the false nails.

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