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Question: Which is better gelish or shellac?

Asked by Vickieminx1 3 years ago

14 answers

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BrightonBelles 3 years ago

I have offered both but now exclusively use Shellac as it requires no buffing of the natural nail plate. To be honest they are 2 very different products as Gelish, Gelac, Geleration etc are a thin gel and Shellac is a hybrid polish. Im finding that with my clients their natural nails are getting longer and stronger with Shellac whereas I found that with Gelish they were being weakened by buffing the nail plate. Gelish does have more base colours but Shellac colours can be layered to create pretty much any colour combination! It also looks like polish on the nails as opposed to a gel covering.
Hope this helps

Sources: http://www.brightonbellesbeauty.com

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makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

My spa offers shellac and I too have noticed growth after every two weeks it seems as if the polish is protecting the nail

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3 years ago

Both are essentially the same service. I like to colour and availability of Gelac which is why I offer this service. Shellac is the more publicised brand though this does not mean it is any better to be honest. Gelish, Shellac, Gelac and Geleration are all good brands and all do what they say.

Face2face 3 years ago

There are many gel's on the market, these 2 are newish but it doesn't mean they are better than others. I do OPI axxium gel which is fantastic. The application is all important and it does depend on the individuals nails, gel does suit some more than others. Must always have it proffesionally removed.
Jo Hannan face2face beauty 07840532663

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makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

Totally agree with you

bbeautiful4u 3 years ago

We do Shellac. But both are as good as each other, the draw back with Shellac is the lack of colours. gelish has a lot more colours.

Sources: http://www.bbeautiful4u.co.uk

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makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

They take forever to create new colors and the colors they do have are so basic

barbie333 3 years ago

Hi there they are both good products. Shelac is more of a polish and lasts up to 2 weeks and it looks thinner on the nail. Gelish is more of a thicker gel and lasts up to 3 weeks. I am currently using shelac and is a fantastic product,easy to apply and looks really natural. Hope this helps.

makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

In all honesty they both perform the same . Inn this case I believe that it is a matter of preference of brand . I love shellac

SenoirTherapist 3 years ago

I use shellac as it was out frist and it's got 24 colours & gelish got 95 colours so abit more expensive on your pocket. And they are both the same when it comes down to it.

ShimmerSprayTanning 3 years ago

I agree, Shellac and Gelish are very similar being a hybrid gel polish. The only difference between Shellac and Gelish is the removal process. Gelish requires you to file the surface of the nail prior to applying the nail wraps soaked in acetone, Shellac doesn't. Damage to the natural nail is still minimal with Gelish though as you are only buffing the Gelish and not the actual nail. I use Shellac in my salon and am very happy with the product. Gelish has a better range of colours but with Shellac, you can layer the colours to creat more colours.

Sources: http://www.shimmer-beauty.co.uk

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Aph127 2 years ago

If you are required to buff / file prior to removal then the product would be more a Gel rather than polish. There is a big difference between Shellac and Gelish. I hope you are advising your customers of the difference

Aph127 2 years ago

If you are required to buff / file prior to removal then the product would be more a Gel rather than polish. There is a big difference between Shellac and Gelish. I hope you are advising your customers of the difference

Vickieminx1 2 years ago

I offer both Gelish and Shellac, I do prefer Shellac as its a hybrid varnish and what ever you put on top will seep through to your natural nail x better colours though with the Gelish? x

Katiehewitt 2 years ago

Can anyone tell me if i can use the Gelish polish with the Shellac base and top coat? I have my own kit at home for my own private use, but i prefer the Gelish colour to the Shellac. Rather than forking out for another top and base coat i was wondering if i can use the existing ones with Gelish.

Thanks x

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Aph127 2 years ago

It is not advised to mix products as you are not sure what effects it may have to the customer or what combining products would do when combined.

tanya-stone 2 years ago

Hello , ive just completed a gel & acrylic course at college so im new to all these products. please can you tell me if the term for gel is the same product as gelish?.Also can you apply shallac to gel nails, & if so would you remove shallac with acetone, but would this effect the gel nail underneath?. Many thanks tanya.

Sources: tanyastone@talktalk.net

TheBeautyRoomHHF 1 year ago

I have used both , both have pro's and cons I'm finding gelish is much more longer lasting but slightly tougher to remove but I'm also finding my clients prefer the gelish from the shellac due to its longevity and minimal filing is needed and I found that I stil lightly buffed the nail for shellac as it helped the polish last slightly longer I have also used axium and did not like the product to gloopy and didn't look as nice on the nail .

SophiaReid 1 year ago

Hi can I just confirm so Shallac is a gel polish, however, gelish is an application of different colour gels is hat right ?

jaynexx 1 year ago

can i use any base coat and top coat with gell or shellac

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