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Question: How much should I pay for acrylic nails?

Asked by jeorgia 2 years ago

11 answers

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Avantibeauty 2 years ago

It depends on your area but is say anything between£25-£40

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Suze49 2 years ago

My prices start at £25, but it depends on the area you live in and what Acrylics you want. But I would say you are looking at between £25- £50 for a good Nail Technician.

Sources: Leicester

2 years ago

Prices start at about £25 for full set inc tips and airbrush.

shellsnailz09 2 years ago

It really depends on your area but average is from £25. My prices start at £25-£30. Dont be pulked in by cheap prices though always make sure the tech is qualified.

MissJulesBeauty 2 years ago

Hello, my prices also start from £25. For twenty five pounds, you will get white tips and clear acrylic. prices start to increase when clients request pink and white acrylic and sculpted nails rather than tips. Be aware of people charging you less, they may not be qualified or use professional products. Stick with a tech who offers a well know acrylic brand. CND, NSI, Entity to name a few :) Hope this helps x

Vickieminx1 2 years ago

Between £25-32

ThePerfectTen1997 2 years ago

My prices start at £30 but it also depends on your area... beware of anyone charging less than £25 though, you get what you pay for!

PamperedNails 2 years ago

Between £25 and £35 depending on your area. I charge £28 for gel extensions

Bex1977 2 years ago

As everyone has said it does depend on ur area. And u do get wot u pay for!

Sources: facebook gloss nails

maria-a-kyriakou 2 years ago

On offer 20 euros but regular price 30 euro and up depending on polish, nail art....

BeautyAgents 2 years ago

This question is difficult to answer without any information on the look you would like to achieve. There is so much more to acrylic nails than sticking the tip and slapping some product.
Although the cost of a set of nails is greatly affected by not only physical overheads, such as products and running (depending on location) a salon or travel costs (if mobile), you are also paying for the skill, expertise and creative flair of the Nail Technician.
Of course, the cost of white tip and clear product application will be much lower than intricate design created with colored product and hand-painted pattern (I don't mean a few flicks and three dots here).
As already stated, anything less than £ 25 for a new set should set off alarm bells - why is it so cheap? Where they are cutting corners? Are they using professional products? Are they still in training and need to get as much practice as possible?
It is not possible to charge £ 10 a set (even the most simple look), use high quality professional and safe products and cover overheads, let alone make any profit.
In this industry you do get what you pay for.

Sources: http://beautyagents.co.uk/epages/eshop835161.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop835161/Categories/%22Mobile%20Salon%22/Nail_Extensions

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