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Question: Has anyone had success with reflexology for chronic migraines? Or any other therapies?

Asked by SynergyNutrition 2 years ago

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JenniferCamden 2 years ago

Migraines are caused by a hormone imbalance and are usually cycle related. I would start there first. I recently had a client come in and said she just started getting horrible migraines. When I explained this to her she told me that the doctor had just put her on a fertility hormone. Seek out a holistic MD would be my best advice for you. Good luck, migraines are awful!

Jennifer Camden, NMT

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LeeNoquet 2 years ago

Hi Sonal,

There can be many reasons a person may suffer with chronic migraines and there is likely to be many influencing factors such as diet, lifestyle predisposition through genetic make-up and general approach to life. A detailed consultation offers the therapist greatest insight and provides the key to development of an individual treatment plan and regular feedback to keep on track as what works for one person may not work for another. It always important to know that the individual has approached there G.P. to to rule out any more serious underlying issues and be sure of correct diagnosis from which you can work from.

I have worked successfully with a number of clients that have reoccurring headaches/migraines and used a combination of treatments to alleviate symptoms and reduce frequency. I used both reflexology (working with meridian pathways and acupressure techniques accompanied by deep tissue massage which was both purposeful and effective. I always also accompany this encouragement and health promotion suggesting for the client to consider adopting daily general relaxation, meditation/creative visualisation techniques to bring about positive changes and encourage healthy habits and self-awareness in the future. I would also possibly consider a referral to a nutritional therapist too.

I always find it is never as simple as suggesting one therapy over another and in my experience combinations of treatments and self empowerment strategies bring the richest rewards all round. In conclusion reflexology has a role to play in relaxation and stress relief and assisting the body to expel toxins to bring the body closer to homeostasis, but it should never be advertised or promoted as a cure as we all respond differently. That is true of any therapy be it conventional, complementary or alternative.

I hope this is helpful


Iridologist 2 years ago

One of my clients reduced migraines from 2 a month to twice a year and then none at all. I used Reflexology once a week initially, after 6 weeks stretched to twice a month and thereafter once a month for one year. Recommended minerals (particularly magnesium) and food allergy checks.

Sources: http://healixcentre.co.uk

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SynergyNutrition 2 years ago

Great to hear thanks

Rachel-Higgins 2 years ago

Hi Synergy,
Reflexology is an amazing treatment ~ I am a migraine sufferer and have found that reflexology and back & neck massages absolutely brilliant, they help get rid of the intensity of the headaches almost instantly, they have definately helped me and I hope they help you too :o)

DrAaronFlickstein 2 years ago

When not a reaction to Nutra Sweet or other dietary triggers they will resolve in almost every case when upper cervical function and reflexes have normalized with all active triggers neutralized.

The least painful way to erradicate triggers/aberant reflex points so they will be extinguished after 1-5 sessions in an almost painless manner is via Kaufman's Pain Neutralization Technique, 9 years young and taking the world of pain management by storm including the conventional disciplines such as medicine and physical therapy but also accupuncture, massage, naturopathy, applied kinesiology and chiropractic as well.
The technique KIaufman has pioneered (see his many video testimonials on his web sites) employs the Gate Theory of pain as its explanation of how judicious use of pressure-touch sensation running brainword thru lagre fast cables can swamp pain from Triggers (aka Ah Shi Points; nodes of congestion, etc.) running up to the brain via slow narrow cables.

A Navy Seal with 3 sllepless nights due to his service injury induced migraines was cleared in one extended visit well enough to require no follow-up attention for the next 9 months of 18 hour work days after his upper neck was put thru the neutralization, reflex re-setting and joint function normalization, all without manipulations or spinal adjusting.

The reflex re-setting and joint function normalizations are specific to my work:
1) Functional Neuro Logistics providing the pre and post functional assessments and
2) Holomatrix Optimizations TO RESTORE NORMAL JOINT FUNCTIONS AND REFLEXES is provided by brian-based and other apps.

These arte running in background as utility scanning and resetting tools, prompted or assisted by a variety of "highlighting" approaches as dictated by the client's biofeedback. This is described to some extent on my Maximized Wellness site.

Sources: http://www.painneutralization.com; http://www.maximizedwellness.info

RelaxRevive 2 years ago

Hi, EFT is a wonderful technique for the relief and elimination of migraines and other pains. One of the wonderful side affects of EFT is deep relaxation. You can learn more at my website http://www.eftmiami.com . Another technique that is very effective with migraines and headaches is NMT - Neuromuscular Therapy Massage. It specifically targets the muscles responsible for creating the pain. You can learn more about that at my other website http://www.relaxrevive.com, click on Pain Management. However, I find that EFT is much more powerful than most other techniques. I had one client with years of pain due to several reconstructive surgeries in her head and hands. The pain in one of her her hands was so intense that she could not even touch it. We did one EFT session. When we began her second session the following week, she explained that all her pain had disappeared. She showed me how she could now touch, tap, pound and use her hand. This is the hand which she had not been able to even touch for many years. You can read more about the story on my website http://www.eftmiami.com. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. 786-239-8990 Lisa Daniel

Sources: http://www.eftmiami.com

Crystalharmony1 2 years ago

I do trigger point therapy on my clients.

BradleyJadir 2 years ago

i did a regular seated neck and shoulder massage at a school and a regular migraine sufferer their told me they experienced migraines a lot less frequently. i used a mix of zen shiatsu and indian head massage. based in high street kensington if thats any use. http://www.zenlife.co.uk

Emmasmobilebeauty 2 years ago

I have recently treated a migraine client with reflexology and she reported back the next day that her head felt clearer than it had been in weeks :) so yes reflexology could help,it's worth a try :)

HolisticTherapies 2 years ago

I have had great success with massage and migraines. Massage helps to relax the muscles around the neck as well as help with stress conditions, that could be causing the migraine. Also, I incorporate aromatherapy blends to the massage, so that it can help on a deeper level and help balance hormones if this is a migraine trigger.

Hope this helps :)

Sources: http://www.paulakemptherapies.co.uk

RebekahFensomeLifeCoach 2 years ago

Hi, Hypnotherapy is great for deep relaxation and pain relief. I've treated many clients with chronic migraines. Here's a link to my website. Do feel free to contact me:

Sources: http://www.rebekahfensomelifecoach.com/hypnotherapy.html

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SynergyNutrition 2 years ago

Thank you Rebekah. I will look at your website and be in touch

MarioD 2 years ago

I have worked with people suffering with headaches and Reflexology and i've had really good results. I haven't worked with migraine sufferers but the AoR were doing some research i believe, so it might be worth contacting them. Hope this helps

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SynergyNutrition 2 years ago

Great. Thanks Mario!

Coralanne 2 years ago

Hi, I practice a meridian therapy called Tapas Acupressure Technique which is very good at healing the body at a deep level, it cured me of an auto-immune disease and has helped many chronic conditions. My website is http://www.hypnotherapy-stockport.co.uk and my new phone number is 0161 285 9168, ansaphone when out.

2 years ago

Hi There,

I have a special combination of Therapeutic Massage and Reiki which works perfectly well for chronic migraine! I always personalize the treatment according to the clients needs.
If you are interested, feel free to contact me and check out the website as well!

Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

HazelMarkou 2 years ago

Hi, The Body Code System (which incorporates The Emotion Code) is a form of Energy Healing that I've used successfully to identify the energy knots that cause migraines and then release them. The modality allows me to establish what is causing the energy blocks so, for example, if some of the causes are linked to diet we can find out which foods are the culprits - remove the "bad energy" and also work on establishing why there is an intolerance in the first place. However, it isn't just focussed in this area, as it identifies and corrects issues in other areas such as structural, pathogens, emotions, circuits (including meridians and chakras) etc.

I've included below links to my my website and also that of the developer of the system (Dr Bradley Nelson) for your information.

Sessions can be carried out "at a distance" very successfully - I currently have clients across the USA as well as throughout the UK.

If you feel this is right for you I'd be happy to explain more.

Good luck in your search for a solution.

Sources: http://www.drbradleynelson.com,

laurasmobilebeautytreats 2 years ago

I suffered from Migraines really badly for years and tried lots of things like beta blockers, fever fue and then finally homeopathy. Homeopathy was amazing, I used to get migraines every month and it went from monthly to every few months then once a year and then now i can go years without having a migraine. I would highly recommend Homeopathy.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com/

laurasmobilebeautytreats 2 years ago

I suffered from Migraines really badly for years and tried lots of things like beta blockers, fever fue and then finally homeopathy. Homeopathy was amazing, I used to get migraines every month and it went from monthly to every few months then once a year and then now i can go years without having a migraine. I would highly recommend Homeopathy.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com/

prohands-haven 2 years ago

As mentioned below there are a variety of factors that cause migraines. From experience health conditions can be be brought about by our thought patterns - migraines in particular could come from a resistance to the flow of life and being hard on yourself. I treated a client who was suffering from migraines and insomnia and through meditation and other mental awareness techniques (to identify the thought pattern) the migraines lessened and eventually disappeared. The sessions were followed up by a Thai foot massage or Indian head massage to alleviate the symptoms and induce a state of balance. As with all treatments, there are some that you would respond well to and others that are not so effective.....best of luck! x

DavieE 2 years ago

On the topic of headaches / migraines, i suffered for years with headaches almost daily then by complete accident discovered i was allergic to sulphites which is a bad chemical found in tons of food and drink products. Maybe you could look into that.

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