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Question: I have pain in my upper scapular muscle

Asked by SherryBee 3 years ago

12 answers

I cannot raise my hand up my back beyond waist height and have had a constant pain/ache in the muscle for months. When I move my arm I get a pain down the upper outside of my arm. I have been to a chiropractor but this didn't seem to help. Would a sport massage help?

Sports Massage

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AVOsteopath 3 years ago

Are you able to lift your arm past the 90 degrees with pain, or is it restricted? Osteopathy will definitely help with this if it is simply muscular by using our varied treatment modalities and possibly the aid of medical acupuncture to go straight into the muscle to relax it. This all depends on what the problem is diagnosed as. If you are able to persevere through the pain above 90 degrees, it is most likely to be a tendonitis of the muscle (supraspinatous) and if not possibly a diagnosis of frozen shoulder if restricted with pain as these are the two most common problems i see at the clinic. However a thorough examination will have to be done to come to a final diagnosis.

Please do not hesitate to ask further questions or contact me via AVOsteopath.com.

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SherryBee 3 years ago

As you quite rightly point out I really need to book a consultation and examination with a qualified therapist which I will do immediately. To try and describe the restrictions and pain in my unprofessional terms would take forever and still lead to your sound advice to see someone face to face
I am grateful to you

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Jhaynes 3 years ago

Hello yes i would suggest you try a good deep back massage focusing on easing up those rotator cuff muscles which should increase your range of movement.
I am based in Burgess Hill but i do mobile visits also in the Sussex area.
I am am qualified in massage and Sport Massage (happy to send you copies of my certiciates and insurance)
Good luck with your recovery
regards Jeremy Haynes

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Many thanks for your advice.
As I am in Kent, work and don't drive I will try and find a local practitioner and go ahead with a consultation asap

keytobodycare 3 years ago

Dear SherryBee
It's really important to work out the history of the problem, how it occurred etc and also to have a good look at your posture and bio-mechanics to see whether this is a skeletal issue or soft tissue problem. With the rather complex area that is the shoulder/neck, what then needs to happen is for you to be put through a series of tests to work out exactly where the problem lies. There is also much nerve function through this region and if a nerve has indeed been aggravated (by a tight muscle clamping the nerve for instance), then this could be causing the referred pain down your arm. It is very often the case that the actual problem might be small and simple to correct, but the pain that can be felt is usually fairly significant and it rarely goes away by itself, which is deeply frustrating.
As a Sports Therapist, I have a good deal of experience in treating this type of problem successfully and my fellow practitioners would be able to assist you. If I may say, try and avoid "masking" the problem by having any injections or any other form of treatment that doesn't actually treat the cause as these must only be considered as a very last resort.
Please feel free to get in touch if you need to discuss further and I would be happy to try and help you.

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you
Unfortunately I haven't had a recent accident/strain that I can pin this to. In fact it seems to have no rhyme or reason. It has gradually got worse and I have a dull 'toothache' pain up my neck constantly.
I totally agree with you about not masking the problem... I try never to take painkillers as I realise that my body is trying to tell me something, drugs and I are arch enemies.
Your advise is sound and I will act on it immediately.
Thank you again

Body-Logic-Ltd 3 years ago

Dear Sherry, sports massage is fantastic for releasing tension and tackling problems in specific muscles. Please could you tell me exactly where the pain is occurring. Please feel free to call me on 07744 407 109. Regards Alexis - http://www.body-logicfitness.co.uk

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question
It would seem that a sports massage could be the way to go. I now realise that this isn't something I can expect a definitive answer to as there are so many possibilities so I am going to seek local professional help straight away
Again thank you

Fitinfitness 3 years ago

Hi Sherry;

I recently having some request regarding sort of frozen shoulder probs with potential clients. I will be suggesting some ideas and try to explain shoulder movement here but I highly recommend that see specialist Dr and have MRI ( Deep xray ) which Dr can see all muscle and bone connection on shoulder.
when u lifting your arm infront of you and side, make feel pain n top of the shoulder right ?? that mean can be little tear on deltoid or inside tissues ( Gleneohumeral joint ) also please check your neck mobility when you move how you feel ( side - side and rotation and front -back ) you might feel tighter on Lavator scpula ( please check this latin terms on google so you can see where are they )

What you can do the impove mobility ?
1st ) check your posture and more aware of ( specially while you sit and sleep )
2nd) do rehab which mean Gentle natural shoulder movement if your shoulder not lifting up with your power try this
Get a elastic rehab band and attached slightly up and than let your arm which band will pull up ( make sure you are aware of every move and think about it )

3rd) getting your neck mobility and strenght some level which take care of shoulder and also good stretches on check

Massage will help you to realise the muscle but can not really effective for deep tissues so best way moving around, do some hot towel or stone therapy . I have seen many of my client do osteopath,, cairo, sports massage so on but they always told me it is work for 1-3 days after back to normal so no point really

They are only my suggestions obviusly I havent seen your shoulder and I do not know anything so
if you wanna see me for free consultation I am happy to book you in ..any further question you welcome
please also see my web site which give you some ideas

I hope that answer bit help you.

I am not responsible any kind of injuries you may have this answer only here to help you.

Murat Gecmen
Bsc, sports science
Master sports coach

Sources: http://www.fitinfitness.co.uk/ ,

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you for a very informative reply.
I have seen my GP who has referred me to the local physio dept of the hospital ... I'm ashamed to say I have little faith in this course of action and feel that I need to take a different route to sort this. I know, I know my GP has far more knowledge than I do about how my body works but after several sessions with physio years ago it took 1 visit to an Osteopath to put things right.
It just needs an expert in the right field and unfortunately my first route of going to a Chiropractor wasn't the right one this time.
After reading the replies I defiantly will be seeking a local consultation and possible further treatment if applicable
Again thank you

MyBodyCentre 3 years ago

Far-Infrared Jade massage would not only help it would cure your condition

Sources: mybodycentre.com

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you
I must admit this isn't something I know about
I intend to book a local consultation and will throw this in the mix to gauge the response
Many thanks

Funkiinell 3 years ago

have you had any other injuries in the past couple of months, any lower back pain at all?
There is a possibility that the pain is a referred pain or caused by a change in posture.
Deep tissue / sports massage probably will do the trick, although it is unlikely to be cured in just one session, you'll probably need two or three.
I'm not sure where you're based but if you're in worcestershire I could take a look - I offer a free consultation.
Alternately have a look on http://www.thesma.org or http://www.fht.org.uk to find a qualified sports massage therapist in your area.
Try and avoid deep tissue massage at a beauty salon as few manage to get in deep enough as hands don't tend to be strong enough.

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you for your help
I am in Kent so will take your advice, via the link you kindly supplied, and book a consultation locally.
Again many thanks

osteopathacupuncture 3 years ago

You need an osteopath.

Sources: http://www.osteopathyacupuncture.co.uk

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you, I did wonder if this was an option I should look at as I've used Osteopathy before with great results

Pomsidakan 3 years ago

Hi there, try to find a Deep Tissue Thai massage therapist who experienced in Medical Massage. It really helpful. If you can't find one, please feel free to contact me, I can give you one person number. Usually guaranty to feel better after one treatment. Saving you time and money. Treatment is painful but works very well.

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you, not something I have considered or... to be honest... heard about before. I will investigate and see if I can find a practitioner in Kent.

Naturalites 3 years ago

Hello Sherry
From what you have said, It sounds like you may have some trigger points that are referring as pain in your neck and tooth.

If you wish to discuss your case further, please contact me on

07916 135 122

Kind regards

Antoinette Nimblet BSc. Natural Therapeutics (Health Sciences)

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you Antoinette,
I must apologise for my terms used for pain... when I said a toothache like pain i'm afraid I meant the type of pain. I have been reading about trigger points and agree as when I press quite hard on the main area of pain it does seem to ease it for a short while. But I actually don't know what I'm doing so I will seek expert help
Many thanks

NikkiFeeney 3 years ago

Hi, this could be a trapped nerve that has got worse over time. As you have been advised, consult a professional so they can talk to you and have a feel around. Don't rule out simple massage techniques Sherry, and presume this is a complicated issue. I recently treated a client who had these types of pains and immobility for 10 years and we solved it with 2 massages and a lotion left for applying daily. If you need to keep he cost as low as possible i would advise to find a local mobile therapist as they tend to be more competitive on price and get to know your needs personally. Hope you find a solution soon.

Sources: http://www.nikkifeeney.co.uk

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you Nikki
An excellent idea and one I will act on.
It's seems to be very difficult to find a therapist that I can get an appointment with and get to as I don't drive and work!
Problem solved :O)

TheHClub 3 years ago

If you are located in Greater Manchester or Cheshire areas, call me to book a treatment - 077989-36004

Sources: http://www.TheHClub.co.uk

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SherryBee 3 years ago

Thank you but I am in Kent

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