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Question: Will acrylic nails ruin my own nails?

Asked by sassyrk 3 years ago

9 answers

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shellsnailz09 3 years ago

No they wont if they are applied by a qualified technician. Acrylic doesnt ruin your nails a poor nail tech does. As long as you follow the correct aftercare and have them removed currectly you will have no problems.

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ellejaynaildesign 3 years ago

I agree with shellsnailz. Nail enhancements and extensions should not damage your own nails. Correct preparation, removal and care will ensure that all services leave your nails in a healthy condition. Be aware that over drilling and over filing can all cause problems including thin, weak and sore nails. Also check that the tech in insured, licensed (U.S.) and QUALIFIED - may seem an obvious point but how many times have you asked about their qualifications or insurance?

Go to a reputable nail tech or salon who uses products that are clearly branded/labelled and who are friendly and helpful. A consultation should always be carried out by the nail tech or salon. Hope this helps.

PrestigeNailsandBeauty 3 years ago

If the acryic nails are done by a qualified nail tech who knows what they are doing, you are following your after care eg. wearing gloves when washing up/gardening and not using your nails to open cans etc, you are using solar oil and when you want the nails removed you get them professionally removed then no they wont damage your own nails. Feel free to email me on info@PrestigeNailsAndBeauty.co.uk if you would like any more advice :) Don't ever be afraid to ask to see a nail techs certificates and insurance before booking your appointment. x

Sources: Mobile fully qualified and insured beauty therapist and nail tech covering the Liverpool/Merseyside area. x

greenspacesalons 3 years ago

Not if they're applied correctly by a qualified nail tech who cares about the service they're providing. Proper removal is also important.
For more advice you can email me a sarahgreen@greenspacesalons.co.uk, have a look on our website http://www.greenspacesalons.co.uk, Like us on Facebook, Green Space Salons, or follow us on Twitter @GSSalons.

3 years ago

Having read through all of the below comments I just wanted to add that Nail Enhancements of any type should not be worn continuously without a break a least every three months. Constant wear WILL damage your natural nails and cause them to be weak and brittle. A weeks break in between is all you need to keep the damage to a minimum. Incorrect removal is the worst culprit for causing damage and in some cases this can be permanent.

KabArtistry 3 years ago

my personal opinion as a professional beauty expert is that acrylic nails are bad for a number of reasons, from applying them to the way so many people harshly remove them! I feel if you wear them you should only wear them for a special event and then immediately remove them! you place yourself at rush for nail fungal and a host of other unnecessary issues! so in a nut shell i don't recommend them but i do suggest that you try sally Hansens multi vitamin solution called "Get Growing" I swear by this product i even use it on my husband who is a pro soccer player and abuses his feet and toes nails and he got immediate results!

Bevpeg 3 years ago

Yes they do with constant use. Your nails do need a rest from acrylic's for a few months.
Try using Nailtiques 2plus in between it's protein nail formula ..
.Hope this will help.

Sources: http://www.beautysensation.co.uk

davies1 3 years ago

Ive had acrylic nails a few times before and have removed them myself, I noticed my nails were weaker afterwards (I should have had them professionally removed in hindsight). Are there any other alternative nail extensions I can consider?

TheNailBoutique 3 years ago

If they are applied by an unqualified tech possibly, if you don't follow your after care and removal advice, yes. BUT properly applied and cared for extensions will not make your nails any stronger or weaker, it will certainly not ruin your nails <3

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