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Question: How can I raise my natural PH levels and get a good alkaline level in the body?

Asked by aaronbryans 4 years ago

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Mark 4 years ago

You need to drink ionized water, it has 9.5 ph you balanced the bodies ph back to normal !! read more on my homepage http://www.superiormassage.co.uk look for ionized water therapy unter treatments ! get back to me if youhave more questions thanks

Sources: http://www.superiormassage.co.uk

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MWAHealth 4 years ago

GREEN veggies are #1 and your diet should be vegetable centric with lots of fresh water. Also, eliminate caffeine, sugar, whites (white bread, white sugar, white flour), alcohol and if you are a meat and dairy eater try to reduce these as well.

NicoleFerguson 4 years ago

Greens plus is a great way. along with a veggie diet low in grains. Using any alge products will help. Cytoplan offer a great supplement to help alkalize, they are offering 30% off at present.... http://www.cytoplan.co.uk/acatalog/specialoffers.html

Joysea23 4 years ago

Your mantra should be fruits and vegetables! General rule: meats/grains acidic (but not necessarily bad all the time). Fruits/veggies alkaline. Also stress is one of the biggest causes of acidity in the body so do what works for you to minimize stress. Like breathing......

JamesMatthewBaker 4 years ago

Light Force Energy Greens is designed to balance pH levels in the body. Please visit the website below for more information and it will make perfect sense why it's so good. 100% organic and convenient.

Sources: http://www.jmbnutrition.co.uk

DrAaronFlickstein 4 years ago

What we eat won't move our pH BUT it is what we use to buffer acid.
To that end Dynamic Greens, Kiwi--Strawberry (which is pink when mixed and more kid friendly than the green when mixed berry variety)or Berry each offer the alkalizing power from plant (phyto) nutrients equivalent to 20 servings of veggies and fruit per scoop along with enzymes to help with digestion, pre and probiotics, several types of fiber, ionic trace minerals and the concentrates of over 45 super foods. It's wheat, dairy, soy protein, preservative and MSG free, sugar free and has an anti-oxidant ORAC score of over 9000 per scoop.
1-12 scoops daily will build your alkaline reserves.
Available from WWW.Nut-dyn.com, Dr account 100081, 1-763-479-3444.

Sources: WWW.Nut-dyn.com, Dr account 10008; 1-763-479-3444

EatFit 4 years ago

The following is a short list of foods that have an alkalizing effect on your body (in no particular order): all fresh fruits with exception of cranberries which raise acidity (best: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit), most vegetables, greens like kale, turnips, collard greens, seaweed, oats, rice, quinoa, yams, lentils, fresh dairy (although unpasteurized milk and ripe soft cheeses are acidic), apple cider vinegar. Most whole and “real” foods are alkaline, such as vegetables, grains and fruits. Meat is acidic, however least of all is the chicken breast.

Most research states that the ideal diet should have a 80% to 20% balance between alkaline and acidic foods.

aaronbryans, are you asking this question in a general sense, or more from an exercise perspective? The guidelines are a little different for athletes who wish to bring their PH level back to alkaline state quickly after exercise. The term “PH” after exercise commonly refers to acidification that occurs from lactic acid buildup during muscle conditioning.

Sources: http://www.bestnutritionistnyc.com/

jonutrition 4 years ago

You need to focus on increasing vegetables and fruit in your diet. Drink plenty of water, cut down on caffiene, sweet or fizzy drinks and alcohol as well as sweet foods and sugar. You can include fish, lean meat, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds. Opt for wholegrains as opposed to white refined carbohydrates as these are more alkaline. In order to get the best alakline/acid balance in your diet it's all a question of proportions and balance. So your plate should be 1/2 vegetables/fruit,1/4 protein & 1/4 wholegrain carbs. Remember to eat regularly as long gaps can stress the body and stress can contribute acidity.

Sources: http://www.jonutrition.co.uk

GillClegg 4 years ago

There are 6 steps to increasing the alkaline in your body. 1. Eat dark green vegetables such as cabbage, watercress or spring greens. 2. Avoid sweets and fizzy drinks. 3. Avoid stimulants such as tobacco and alcohol. 4. Yoga or meditation will de-stress and harmonise your breathing. When you breathe more oxygen into your body it has an alkaline effect. 5. Try a shot of wheatgrass or take spirulina or chlorella supplements. 6. Drink purified water.

Sources: http://www.the-train-station.co.uk

sharlean 4 years ago

eatins lots of VEGGIE...and main key is lots of fluid eg water is the best! :D

WeBeFit 4 years ago

You need to start by ignoring any advice from people who talk about "acid" or "alkaline" foods in relation to weight loss. It's a dietary theory that was debunked years ago by doctors because it's based on false science. Let me repeat, it has NO BASIS IN REALITY. The only people still talking about it are ones trying to sell you something or that have been wrongly informed. Below is a link to an article I have coming up on the subject.

If you're looking for a healthier diet, it's simple. Whole fruits, whole vegetables and lean meats. Shop the edges (outside) of a store and avoid the more heavily processed/canned stuff in the middle.

I wish there was some magic "Alkaline" pill that worked, but there isn't.

Sources: http://www.webefit.com/articles_300-399/article_364_Alkaline.html

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