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Question: What are your tips for keeping a youthful appearance without using surgery or invasive procedures?

Asked by JayneHorder 4 years ago

25 answers

I'm interested in ideas for growing older naturally and more gracefully and think that we shouldn't feel that something as drastic as surgery is the answer.

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JIMO68 4 years ago

Hi Jayne
I believe a good haircut /colour makes a big difference in helping grow older more gracefully as well as a good diet and exercise.

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

I totally agree. Thanks Jimo.

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SoleilOrganique 4 years ago

By far, the most crucial component of preserving youth..is to protect against sun damage. It doesn't matter what time of year it is or where you live - you need it. {SUN PROTECTION} Choose a non-toxic, quality sunblock. With consistent applications, it will prevent premature wrinkling and skin cancer. If questions please feel free to contact us: SoleilOrganique(dot)com.

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks for the good tip.

KellyNoonan 4 years ago

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

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SoleilOrganique 4 years ago

Absolutely yes, Kelly!

Lilja 4 years ago

Hello, good for you! Yes I agree that Facial Massage is fantastic, especially using organic oils such as Rosehip oil, argan oil, apricot oil etc. Eating and drinking well, and exercising and sleeping enough can't be underestimated of course. Rose tea, and Goji berries have also traditionally been used for beauty in China, and omega 3 oils are essential. Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture may also be exactly what you are looking for! Treatment is holistic and based on your individual diagnosis, so that we can treat any underlying imbalances and give you appropriate dietary or lifestyle advice. And our treatments always end with some powerful acupressure massage. You'll feel and look great, without any toxins or injections. Check our website for more info :) Best, Lilja

Sources: http://www.tian-garden-acupuncture.co.uk

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Facial acupuncture sounds very interesting. I'll have a look at your website. Thanks Lilja.

Lilja 4 years ago

great stuff! I also think Oshadi are great- I use their oils and hydrolats... :)

NikkiFeeney 4 years ago

HI Jayne,
I have been in the skincare trade for many years and have only ever worked for companies that use natural ingredients in their products, they are very effective. My advice is maintain your skin everyday with a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and use a mask once a week and exfoliate twice a week. Use skincare products that contain no alcohols and also contain essential oils, these are known as "natural active ingredients". Only active ingredients well penetrate to the second layer of your skin (the dermis) within the dermis you have the Collagen and elastin, these are the components of you skin that keep your skin supple, plump and prevent it from sagging. Have regular facials as the massage techniques in these treatments will help to prevent the affects of ageing also (ideally once every 2 weeks at least), Find out what products the facialist uses and make sure they are natural products. Any good beauty therapist should know about the products they are using and what there ingredients are....ask them why they use those products, make sure it is an ethical and quality reason and not just because they get good discounts on the products.
When you buy skincare products, ask for the manager at the store and tell them all about your skin, they will be trained to know what is good for your skin type, make the most of their knowledge, and if it doesn't suit you dont be afraid to go back and say so.

You are absolutely right surgery is not the answer and people who have cosmetic surgery often find they have to keep having surgery in order to stay looking younger, because once you damage the skin tissue it then cant age naturally and therefore starts to look unnatural.

Of course a good lifestyle is very important also, drink 6 glasses of water everyday and eat fruit and veg as mush as you can, try and remember your 5 a day.
Of course no one is perfect you may not be able to do all these things all the time, but being aware and making an effort will keep you looking young and healthy for many years, we are all allowed to slip up occasionally, its the long term treatment of your body that really counts.

I would advise you go to my website and register as a VIP, you will receive regular skincare tips and reviews and advice on maintaining and treating your own skin at home to help you in your endeavour.
I have also enclosed links to some good skincare companies that use natural ingredients.
Good Luck !

Sources: http://www.nikkifeeney.co.uk

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Great answer Nikki. I'm already a fan of L'Occitane and Neals Yard and would add http://www.quinessence.com to your list. Their skincare products work very well for me. I also love the facial oils from http://www.oshadhi.co.uk. I'll definitely have a look at your website.

theguru 4 years ago

regular facial massage is very good, such as Indian face massage techniques or face yoga. Also invest in some cyrstal rollers, such as jade or rose quartz., used for lymphatic drainage. I first got involved in jade rollers when i read an article saying that the supermodels were using them.

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

That's interesting - I've never heard of crystal rollers. I'll have a look into that. Thank you.

Tanyanordicbeauty 4 years ago

Hi Jayne!
There are many treatments that can help you to grow older gracefully and more naturally if the idea of surgery does not appealto yoi.
As a facialist I have experienced, tried and tested many surgical and non surgical solutions to fight the signs of ageing on myself.
The best solution in my opinion is to have regular facials, and investing in good quality skin care like Environ Ionzyme range and Roll Cit cosmetic needling
Micro current facials like Caci will improve the skin and muscle tone,which I highly recommend, and for home skin care it would be benefitial for you to have a consultation with an Environ trained therapist or attend an Environ Skin analysis day.
Kind regards
Tanya at Nordic Beauty

Sources: http://www.nordicbeauty.co.uk, Environ.co.uk

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your tips Tanya.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

Regular facials and a good skin care routine definitely help. I use Clarins products because they are natural - ish and when I used to work for Clarins all the ladies that used to come in to buy products that had been using products for many years all looked around 10 years younger.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your tip Laura.

traceybell 4 years ago

Hi Jayne - this is a subject we are commonly asked about at the clinic. It is possible to maintain a youthful appearance without taking drastic measures or going under the surgeons knife. Facial skin tightening using radiofrequency treatment is one of the most popular ways to achieve this. Its a non invasive treatment that uses heat to create a vectral lift and improve facial contours. Also remember that clever skincare is equally important in stimulating collagen and boosting skin cell renewal. See our website for details of our treatments and SkinScription evidence based skincare range.

Sources: http://www.tracyebell.co.uk

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

That sounds interesting Tracey. I haven't heard of radiofrequency treatment. Are there any side effects? I'll definitely have a look at your website. Thank you.

mellowmassage 4 years ago

Everyone has some pretty good answers here, and although I love natural ingredients, I am not a believer in using only all natural products. Some companies are rather good at mixing science with nature and this can help a lot. Regular massage, facials, and use of microdermabrasion and peels can really keep you skin looking and feeling youthful without anything invasive or drastic. Some companies even have natural alternatives to microdermabrasion and chemical peels if you do choose the all natural route.

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

I agree a little science can be a good thing. It's all about finding balance. Thanks for your tips.

VaishaVBeauty 4 years ago

why dont you have your eyebrows and facial hair threaded by the famous Vaisha the face behind Vaisha Vanity - The threading specialist of Essex.

Vaisha's Hi browzin, knocks years of you by tailoring and scullpting the eyebrow to groomed defined look, and has the effect of opening up the eye area and giving a youthful appearance.

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thank you for your tip. Eyebrows really frame a face and well sculpted ones can make you look a million dollars.

cmiller 4 years ago

Hi Jayne- What a great question!

We all have heard that real beauty is on the inside right........ I believe the real fountain of youth is also on the inside. When we invest our time and conscious focus to develop inner beauty that will show up on the outside. Think of a time you felt very alive and happy then looked in the mirror - didn't you look great - more youthful at least in that moment? Then you are tapping that energy of inner radiance right there.
Visualization helps to clear illness and heal everything faster so why not use that power for youthing? I do and it is possible to minimize the aging process with inner balance work. I specializein guiding others through intuitive therapy and many classes and seminars to help teach conscious living so you can optimize not only your personal health, but also to radiate soul beauty. See my programs at http://www.livingthespiral.com

Sources: http://www.livingthespiral.com

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks for your great answer. I'm a big believer in working from the inside out and peace and happiness must surely be the best beautifiers. If we could only bottle that!

FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

The secrets for maintaining a youthful appearance are: a healthy diet, exercise, minimal stress, consistent exfoliation via good home care products and regular chemical peels and facials. Also, protection from UVA and UVB rays. Use dailey SPF protection as well as antioxidants (orally and topically.) At the end of the day, genetics play a huge part in how we will essentially age. Oh, and smiles always keep us looking youthful and happy!

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

I agree with everything you say except I'm not sure about chemical peels. That sounds a bit harsh? Thank you for your tips!

ColourQueen55 4 years ago

Keep your thoughts flexible and remember one thing you loved as a child that made you feel blissful and do it NOW...
Excercise, walk, listen to your favorite music, laugh, don't take yourself seriously, and wear lipgloss!

Have multitonal highlights to break up opaque hair color and soften your facial features. Wear your hair slightly longer (if possible) so it moves and swings, have your teeth whitened, dance and keep your body flexible. Believe in something you have a passion for.

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

What a lovely answer! Right - I'm off to put on some lip gloss and dance around the bedroom to my favourite pop song :). Thank you.

missmarques 4 years ago

plenty of hydration inside and out, moisturise, moisturise, not too much stress and sunscreen. Massage, lots of fresh air and sitting up straight, being aware of your posture, how you hold yourself...and of course, light exercise..even if thats only going for a walk and lots of berry smoothies!

- hope that helps in your search!

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks for your great tips.

JenniferTurner 4 years ago

Just seen this....
We offer many non-surgical procedures.
Glycolic facial peel - Increases elastin & collagen production, along with reducing the problems caused by sun damage.
Non-Surgical Facial Lift - Just as important to attend the gym regularly to keep your body in tip top condition its just as important for the face. This treatment uses electrical impulses along with technique to lift & contour facial features. Can be applied as an eye treatment or even full facial.

Further info give me a call, Jennifer

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Like the idea of giving your face a work out same as your body. Thanks Jennifer.

VictoriaThomas 4 years ago

There are so many tips and alternatives here, most of which sound great to me! Another suggestion is Natural Face Lift Massage - this treatment has amazing results and is incredibly relaxing! It is very holistic, working on the energy centres of the body to promote overall balance and calm and incorporates facial acupressure and reflexology. The muslces are relaxed and uplifted, lines and wrinkles are softened and by having regular treatments, the muscles will get used to their new uplifted appearance! Definitely one to try if there is someone near you!


Sources: http://www.beholistics.com

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

That sounds wonderful! I'll definitely look into trying one of those. Thanks Victoria.

4 years ago

One of the great beauty tools is facial exercise. However, as with all tools, they are effective when put to use and when you practice correctly and regularly.

There are over 50 muscles in the face and neck. The facial muscles are directly attached to the skin and when they start to lose their tone and elasticity, the skin that is attached to them starts to sag.

We usually rush to the gym and exercise from the neck down and rely on miracle creams to keep our face in shape. Facial exercises will definitely help in achieving healthy and glowing skin. Facial muscles are smaller and therefore easily toned in comparison with some larger muscles in your body. The facial exercises are easy and fun. When practising regularly, you will be able to see results due to more blood flow to the face and neck areas. The skin will definitely improve, because facial exercises help shorten your facial muscles which naturally lengthen with age. Of course, this process does not work like waving a magic wand. You can start with Eva’s book or DVD and do your facial exercises slowly and regularly with energy and effort. You will gradually see results.

Sources: http://www.evafraser.com/

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Makes good sense to exercise your facial muscles too. Thanks Joanna.

FaceandBodyPod 4 years ago

I am a therapist using Multi Polar Radio Frequency treatments called Mabel Plus. It was in Vogue in September 10 hailed as one of the best anti ageing treatment around. It is painfree and instantly produces elastin and collagen to lift, firm and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and generally de age the skin anywhere on the body. It also melts fat and improves cellulite. The results last for months and it is not expensive. I charge £225 for 6 treatments and give a full 45mins taster treatment for £30. You can find out more about it on my website http://www.faceandbodypod.com

Sources: http://www.faceandbodypod.com

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JayneHorder 4 years ago

Wow that sounds impressive! I'll have a look at your website.

scott39 4 years ago

drink lots of water go to bed at 10pm work out 4 days week do not smoke do a detox over one year eat good food keep stress low to have lots of sex and have fun and lots of holiday to

Sources: http://www.activebryantsystems.com/nlc.html

Answer Comments

JayneHorder 4 years ago

Sounds like a good recipe for a happy life!

BeautyandtheSpa 4 years ago

Lots of water and look after you skin. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and exfoiliate as much or as little as your skin needs. Make sure you stay hydrated and have a healthy balanced diet :-)
Oh and regular facials wont just help but will feel good too.

Answer Comments

JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks for your tips.

Jayde 4 years ago

My advise would be cleansing your face twice daily with your normal skin care routine, being sure to use a moisturiser which is as natural as possible - containing only good oils. The skin needs a certain amount of good oils to keep it looking rejuvinated and supple (also ensure that your makeup stays looking fresh on the skin).

Drink 2 litres of water a day and avoid too much caffein. Ensure you stick with your 5 a day and regular excersise.

I know you aren't after surgery....... but, it is worth looking into the "Dermaroller". Relatively non invasive, definitely not surgery. Assists in rejuvinating the skin cells, giving you a more youthful appearance. Also helps to reduce fine lines and any scarring you may have.

Bio oil is also great - pop 1 or 2 drops into your moisturiser of an evening, works a treat!

Sources: Jayde Louise - A touch of Beauty

Answer Comments

JayneHorder 4 years ago

Thanks Jayde. I will have a look at that.

marciosoares 4 years ago

A bil late answer but I like the question... The secret is your diet, drinking lots of water, eating less meet, varying your veggies and get it more colourful as possible in your plate, will help you with a good digestion, clean you inside and show it outside, sounds simple but is quite difficult. We have some bad culture habits on our diet which with the right discipline gets easy... Also a beauty specialist and a good hair stylist can help you embrace the beauty you have with a touch.

TheElephantMan 4 years ago

Paraffin facials are great for temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines!

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

HI Iam Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
Mae West who died a youthful and functional age 87 swore it was colonics that were responsible for her youthful appearance , and get up and go.

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