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Question: Should your feet be cleansed before a treatment?

Asked by lomi-lomi 4 years ago

16 answers

I've been told that this should be done prior to a treatment commencing, usually with a warm towel, especially for detoxing or purifying treatments including massages and facials. Although I have come across some venues who adopt this it doesn't seem very common. What are the benefits and should all venues adopt?

Facials, Therapeutic Massage, Body Wraps, Body Treatments, Cellulite Treatments

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NaturalHealer 4 years ago

In any setting a nice warm foot bath w/ essential oils prior to any treatment, is complementary and a great way to relax your client prior to the treatment. Amazing how 10 extra minutes of relaxation and aroma therapy can change your clients experience as well as ours when we get to the feet during a massage... "It's a good thing", It would certainly keep me coming back!!

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Amylouise25 4 years ago

The feet definitely MUST be cleaned prior to any treatment that involves touch. I've been using cotton wool with an alcohol cleanser to kill germs/bacteria/fungi e.t.c. however bathing your clients feet, or wrapping them with a warm towel is far more relaxing than using cotton wool.
I am considering converting to these methods as I have always found the experience far more pleasurable prior to a treatment and it also allows the client and therapist a moment to talk face to face about issues they may face during treatment (they may not have been raised during consultation) .and as this moment is intimate and allows time for these issues to come to the surface as the client will feel at ease and able to let go.

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cmiller 4 years ago

I agree - clean is just better for all.

InstyleIdaho 4 years ago

All of my clients get a warm foot bath with a brown sugar and peppermint scrub before their facial begins. This is both for their benefit and mine as I finish off the treatment with a hand & foot massage. I get raves from my clientele, and referrals on those parts alone. I prefer to give more than less with each service.

LePetitSpa 4 years ago

Not all spas or salons offer this, but it is a great way to start a treatment, in some cultures cleasning or washing the feet is a nice way to get rid of all the negative energy you have been carrying around with you, so you body can accept all of the psoitvie energies from the treatment being carried out.
Its also nice if you have been wearing high shoes, or closed in trainers just help freshen the feet and relax the feet. your feet and head are the most important parts of the body, so any treatmenton these areas helps the client to relax a lot more

BrightonHolistics 4 years ago

Feet should be always cleaned before a treatment, for hygiene reason. especially for massage, before and after the treatment, after for health and safety reasons.

IntegratedHealer 4 years ago

I think it depends on what one is trying to achieve. If it is about sanitation then feet cleaning must be done but if it is only about bringing customers back then it is an addition and this may detract from the rest of the treatment from a timing point o view. Beauty therapists are taught to clean the feet before a treatment commences for a full body treatment but not necessary for a facial or a back treatment. Thebenefits of cleaning the feet are sanitation and relaxing, if massage is applied with aromatherapy blends but this adds to the timing. Some venues offer a foot treatment separately which is very beneficial.

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Nubiannatural 4 years ago

well said . Love jacque!

NikkiFeeney 4 years ago

I have always experienced and always practised treating the feet before any treatment, including facials, as it relaxes the client and enhances there expereince. I think its important to let the customer know what to expect and let them know you do that first, as some dont
expect it, they often think "oh does she think im having a foot massage". I use essential oils that cleanse the feet (i.e lavender/rosemary)

FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

I am neither personally nor professionally aware of such a requirement? However, I could see this service being added, as an additional service before, during or after a facial. Although, even when I worked as an Aesthetician at an Ayurveda medi spa, this was not something that we did prior to, nor after, any treatments, including the ayurveda body massages.
Perhaps you might want to survey your clients to find out what they prefer?

Laurel-Bruce 4 years ago

I recall during training that we were taught to cleanse the feet before the start of any treament, in relation to full body massage

BryanVee 4 years ago

What I have learned is pretty much its a luxury that the individual practitioner chooses to provide. Such as like in my practice we do not provide treatments to the hands and feet. Only be cause we believe in affordAble skin care treatments that actually work for each guests skin needs. How ever Aveda Eshtiologists do a foot washing at the beginning of their facial ritual (service). Please feel free to email me if you have any questions @ bRyanveeBVE@gmail.com.

HolisticTherapist 4 years ago

I only cleanse the feet before a reflexology treatment or before a foot massage. I don't know any therapist in my area, or who I trained with that do this as a matter of course.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

At clarins they cleanse the feet with two hot mitts prior to the treatment and when I have gone for treatments I have always enjoyed this bit of the treatment.

Revampii 4 years ago

Hi. On a personal basis, I have never cleansed feet before massage treatment as I tend to pass over the soles whilst doing. Reflexology on the other hand, I have always cleansed because you are dealing directly with the feet and nothing else and it is for your benefit as well as theirs. Hope this helps.

fantasia 4 years ago

it is both relaxing soothing and most of all for health and safety reasons it is part of procedure to most treatments that the feet is cleansed and any other area that is to be treated.

ambience-cupar 4 years ago

I only tend to cleanse the feet prior to reflexology, although I believe that some clients may like to have their feet freshened up during a massage. I'm not sure how it would benefit a facial though? Perhaps someone could enlighten me re the benefits...

Best regards


4 years ago

For hygiene, health and safety reasons I always cleanse the treatment area. I usually add an extra treat such as hand massage with a blend of aromatherapy oils during a facial treatment while a face mask is on or a hand repair mask before starting a facial treatment. This is to help my client feels comforted, allow relaxation and attain an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

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