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Question: Are some massage therapies suitable for pregnant women than others?

Asked by ikjones 5 years ago

3 answers

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NightandDayMassageArts 5 years ago

Very much so!! Depending on the trimester the client is in, there are areas to avoid. Sidelining after the 2nd trimester is more comfortable for the client, using pillows or blankets. Massaging the lower back can relieve pressure of the weight of the baby, and neck and shoulder massage is used to relieve the breast weight discomfort. There are contra- indicated areas to watch for, and it is best to avoid them. I offer my new mothers a free infant massage, and teach them how to massage their new addition.

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Moonwaves 5 years ago

The most important thing is that the therapist pay close attention to the client's comfort and adapt to the specific needs of the particular woman at the particular time.

Pregnant women vary so much in what positions and techniques are comfortable and effective that I would hesitate to say any particular therapy is suitable, other than "customized massage".

Pregnant women need massage therapists that listen and adapt to their needs. And have a lot of pillows. Massaging pregnant women is very rewarding - each massage is a unique and creative challenge and a good massage does the pregnant client a lot of good.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

Only after the first trimester and with doctor recommendation.
Swedish massage is best, deep massage can cause miscarrige if used in low back, avoid the ankles and hot stone is not good for baby, to much heat.

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