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Question: What do you qualify as 'skin type 4 or 5'?

Asked by GeorginaK 9 months ago

3 answers

I'm interested in a treatment which is not suitable for 'skin type 4 or 5'? What does this mean?

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL), Laser Hair Removal

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MariD 9 months ago

Hi there

Skin type 4 is moderate brown skin and skin type 5 is dark brown skin,
We have a laser that is suitable for all skin types including 4 and 5.
Check out http://www.pulse-clinic.co.uk.

Sources: Www.pulse-clinic.co.uk

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MBNS57 9 months ago

Hello, A skin type 4 would be 'dark brown hair, green, hazel, brown eyes. Slow to burn, tans easily'. A skin type 5 would be 'Dark and black hair, brown & dark brown eyes, may never burn'. During consultation our MBNS nurses will assess your skin type and set our IPL machine accordingly.
For detailed information on our nurse team, treatments, and practice, please visit our website.

Sources: http://www.mbnsclinic.co.uk

Nadias-Beauty 9 months ago

Most of beauty salons use the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Form to find out the skin type, answering the questions of this form will tell you if you are skin type 4 or 5, Normally this is related to the amount of melamine on your skin
Some hair removal machines can't treat skin types 5 or 6, another machines can.
So If I was you I'll carry on researching until you find the answer. most of the salons offer free consultation, so you do not loose anything, checking in different salons.

Sources: http://www.nadiabeauty.co.uk/laser-ipl-hair-removal-reading/

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