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Question: Can anyone recommend someone for training in semi-permanent eyelash extensions?

Asked by CatSmith 11 months ago

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CBLounge 11 months ago

Try Lucifer Lashes. Please e-mail cbloungeuk@gmail.com for phone number if interested. Thank you.

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CatSmith 11 months ago

Thanks for the response... I have used http://www.eyelashemporium.com/ now... the xD Volume lashes are amazing!

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eyelash 8 months ago

I hope you you don't mind me recommending my own courses but we are the highest rated in the UK (30cpd points) and we've won the 2014 Beauty Guild Award of Excellence for training.
We have 10 training venues around the UK and train in both individual and xD Russian Volume Lashes. All centres offer unlimited ongoing help and support and a retrain for free guarantee if you are not confident of your ability in the first 2 months. We try very hard to ensure that we remain the top rated provider of eyelash extension training so I hope you'll check out our independently certified reviews. You can see more information on our website or give us a call on 01753 650656 if you would like to find out more.

Sources: http://www.eyelashemporium.com

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