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Question: Do I have to be nude during a Chakra Balancing massage?

Asked by marjimcsb 1 year ago

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elinormb 1 year ago

No you don't and if you're having your chakras balanced no massage needs to take place you are fully clothed during this process. For a massage men keep on their underwear and are covered in a blanket throughout the massage treatment, only the parts being massaged are revealed.

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Elitetreatlondon 1 year ago

I agree with Elinormb

PlumEssence 1 year ago

Absolutely not!! I'm not entirely sure what a 'chakra balancing massage' is. I perform both, very successfully. You do not have to have a massage to balance your chakra's, which can be completed through a chakra balancing meditation alone. Other treatments such as crystal therapy, colour therapy and reiki (as well as many others i'm sure) can certainly enhance the benefits and the treatment as a whole. Most of my clients are men, and I never massage any of them 'nude'. If they are having a full body massage, they will keep their underwear on and will be covered with towels so that only the part of the body being massaged, is 'on show'. Otherwise, they only need to undress to the parts being massaged, ie top off for back massage, trousers off for legs. I hope this helps marjimcsb

gentlehandschris 1 year ago

No definitely not. I agree with elinormb 's answer. If you are being asked to remove clothing please don't go there !

josalkemade 1 year ago

In whatever massagetherapy situation, the therapist should ASK the client if he/ she has problems with undressing. I know nothing of Chakra Balancing, but like in a full body sports massage offcourse the therapist would prefer the client to be nude. But partially covered with a towel at the hips.

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