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Question: Has anyone tried "Ballancer" compression massage therapy? What kind of results did you get?

Asked by Interested 1 year ago

2 answers

I am being invited to try "Ballancer" and wondered if anyone has any experience of this therapy and what kind of results you have achieved, please?

Pre and Post Natal Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Body Treatments, Cellulite Treatments, Lymphatic Drainage

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Elitetreatlondon 1 year ago

Hello interested,Sorry doesn't mention your name .in regards to this treatment I haven't heard of it. Sounds interesting. I haven't met anyone who has had it he treatment as of yet. It could be a fad or not.

Might be worth you checking out Pub med which is a science based website so if it works or not there should be enough evidence for you to see if it's something you want to go for? If the product has had scientific research it should be on here. I'm sure it would work but could depend on amount of sessions you need. The best cellulite treatment would be cardio vascular exercise and watching what you drink and eat. But I'm up for anything if you feel that it could work for you.

Google pubmed and the words Balancer and cellulite and lymphatic drainage and see what results you get.

Kind regards,

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johnla781 1 year ago

The benefits of "Ballancer" compression massage therapy is your blood circulation is improved and more fresh oxygen reaches skin cells and also beneficial for wrinkling and general loss of the youthful characteristics of your skin.

Sources: http://www.thespaatbeyc.com/facialtreatments.htm

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