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Asked by andys 5 years ago

16 answers

what makes a good therapist

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JamesDarby 5 years ago

A good therapist teaches what he knows and provides clients with the tools to embrace therapeutic change and emotional growth from within. Compassion, empathy and rapport are key but a therapist must also know when to challenge maladapted behaviours and negative self talk.

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SilverHand 5 years ago

Question: Therapist
what makes a good therapist (?)

This is not as easy to answer as it really should be for the simple reason that how a client is able to find a bodyworker and evaluate them for their own sense of safety or their therapeutic needs before the therapist even begins the physical actions of a treatment. As such, basic criteria to assess the quality of a Therapist might begin with how a Therapist came to the client’s notice. Professional marketing literature such as pamphlets and business cards that attract the attention of the public by visual impulse is a great tool. Word of mouth from a trusted friend who has first hand experience will be more effective, particularly if it is a first time ever to receive bodywork treatments. Phone books or even website tend to be either the very beginning of a search or a last minute need for the client which necessitates being able to handle walk-ins. However the client takes note of a Therapist, the client will judge by those first impressions.

The next thing to consider is if the Therapist is licensed as a Therapist as well as a business, in good standing with the various professional therapeutic associations, current with County and City permits, and Insured. Doctors don’t hang diplomas on the wall to hide mistakes in the carpentry. Licenses and permits are required to be displayed in many provinces. If a Therapists credentials aren’t readily available then they may be missing or non-existent.

Another guideline is how complete an intake interview is. If a Therapist does not perform an intake then they have no idea of a client’s needs or restrictions nor are they concerned with them. Even a spa will have a basic intake form to protect themselves from liability issues. In such environments a Therapist may take a cursory glance before a treatment but most certainly should take a moment to go over it with the client before they begin.

Communication and education come next. Understanding the client’s problems and being able to express a treatment plan that addresses them will show competency in their skill set as well as the capacity to empathize with the client. Proper vernacular is important when documenting a treatment in assessment notes or reports to insurance agencies but bewilder the general public which can create insecurities and lack of trust. If a Therapist however, uses technical terms and then repeats it in layman terminology then education can begin in the understanding of new terms. This also begins the client’s ability to aid in their own treatment.

Now the work environment may hinder the ability to perform in such a way as to give a treatment that fairly expresses the excellence of that particular Therapist. While a professional should certainly be able to adapt to work situations, accommodate client’s wants, and still perform appropriate treatment; if a Therapist is restricted by Spa policies in techniques that can be used or have time limits, or if they are just a cog in an overall treatment plan, then they may not standout as well as they might elsewhere. In comparison a private practicing Therapist should have more control over their sessions from start to finish.

Ultimately personalities will come in to play. A Therapist that hates their job, who doesn’t want to be there that day, who has no passion for a service industry is going to be a problem to any client as well as their selves. If a “vibe” is wrong, or personality conflict is obvious then the Therapist or client should chose to find someone more suitable. Neither should take it personally. Some people will have a natural attraction for specific Therapists and a repulsed reaction from others. I have seen this most commonly with male clients. Either they are “homophobic” and chose not to be treated by a male therapist, or they believe a female Therapist simply won’t have the strength to appropriately deal with their needs. Always a chance for new growth and to educate a client.

At the end of the day, if the client does not feel like they got their monies worth despite having their problems addressed or not, they are going to be unhappy with the Therapist. And that is something a Therapist needs experience to cope with, to understand not just the needs and wants, but the fuller expectations.

InstyleIdaho 5 years ago

A good therapist is someone who not only is educated and skilled in their field but who has empathy and understanding. Who is willing to give the client the extra time and attention they may need before, during and after their treatment. Some one who is willing to educate the client, so that they may also help themselves.

Georgia 5 years ago

Hi Andys
Thanks for your question
A good therapist is someone who can get you the result or outcome you're looking for, quickly and effectively.
If you're asking how to tell whether a therapist is good, there are a number of things you can consider:-
another person's recommendation is a good guide. If you don't have one, there are other things to look out for.
Firstly, professional qualifications, insurance and affililiation to regulatory bodies.
Then, the way a person carries out their business - Do ads, websites etc look professional? Can yu speak to the therapist on the phone, get questions answered etc. Response times for emails and returned calls, plus the content of the response you get will all give you an indication of what sort of person you are dealing with and whether they are a full time therapist. Someone who has made a full time commitment to what they do is probably better trained and more confident than someone who fits their trade around another job. A full time therapist will likely also be more refreshed and more able to give you full attention than someone who is also working in another job.
After you have weighed up these sorts of things, the best advice is to go with the one that feels right, maybe someone you find easy to talk to, or who yuo feel has been straightforward and honest with you.
So in short, do yur research and then go with your feelings!
I hope that's useful to you.
There's a page on my website called Choosing a Hypnotherapist if you'd like to have a look at it.
I've put the link below
Kind Regards,

Sources: http://www.hypnotherapycardiff.net/page/choosing_a_hypnotherapist

reSource-therapy 5 years ago

A good therapist not only is completely competent in the various tools of their trade and when and how they should be applied, (s)he has no agenda when they work except their client's highest good. A good therapist meets their client where they are in their process and through connection facilitates their clients' move to the next level of their process as appropriate. A good therapist trusts that the client's own internal wisdom is in charge of the session and nothing will happen except what is necessary and good for the client.

ettracer 5 years ago

Andy...the best answer I can give you after 14 years in this industry is...education and knowledge. The more the therapist knows the better they can treat you. I hope that helps.

marciasmassage 5 years ago

Genuinely caring about your clients.

Alejajay 5 years ago

A good therapist is someone who listens to what your needs are, and someone who has the knowledge and techniques to acheive your goals for the session.

lindadb 5 years ago

Genuinely wanting the best outcome for your client.
Empathy and understanding - it helps if you've had your own "journey".
Not being "perfect" - nothing worse than a goody two shoes who tells you what to do..!!
Knowing that you can't be all things to all people and realising that sometimes its best for the client to see someone else - either for a different treatment or different energy
Discretion, Confidentiality and making the client feel safe.
Knowing when to talk, when to ask questions and when to keep quiet
Experience....and practice

Sources: http://www.lindabelcherhealthcare.co.uk

yogicris 5 years ago

If you love your profession, then that quality will be imparted to all who recive from you.
A good therapist is a loving therapist

rbela 5 years ago

I agree with James and many others what they are saying. Also I like to add that I a good therapist doesn't let the client get depended on them but instead puts them on empowerment route of learning to take care of themselves too.

Sources: http://www.robinreiki.com & http://www.coursesinreiki.com - Edinburgh

anna-massage323 5 years ago


GiaLaneArtistry 5 years ago

A good therapist truly cares about you and is not out to distribute psychiatric drugs for things that can be handled with holistic medecine, yoga, nutrition and being more organized, independent or productive, or he would simply be a great listener/adviser. He would find out the root of what is happening in your life and handle it accordingly.

Reformednurse 5 years ago

A good therapist is more interested in the client than themselves, takes time to hear what the physical, emotional, and spiritual condition of the client is with each session, and gets feedback from the client as the session progresses.

BethEvans 5 years ago

Besides education and qualifications, I think my clients respect my honesty. I am always up front with them and let them know how to save money on products, and let them know exactly what I see going on with their skin. It is also important to be easy for them to talk to. Be understanding and compassionate. Sometimes a person can be intimidated by seeing a new therapist, so it's important to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

You are passionate about your work, your remember you have been given a gift, you are knowledgeable and you enjoy helping people feel better.

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