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Question: Can anyone recommend a salon that uses hot wax? Thank you

Asked by  Lizzie1987 5 months ago

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 Wahanda-Community-Team 5 months ago

Hi Lizzie,
We can recommend lots of great places that use hot wax. If you send us an email to community@wahanda.com letting us know whereabouts you are we'll help you find somewhere local xx

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 NatashaD 5 months ago

Hello, we offer Brazilian, Hollywood and Basic Bikini wax. We are a mobile beauty service, so we will allocate a lovely therapist to provide you with the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Sources: http://www.returntoglory.co.uk/client/mobile-beauty.aspx


 AsmaD 5 months ago

Hi yes we are based in shoreditch and use lycon hot wax please email us here asma@boudoirlashes.co.uk so we can help you with your requests. Thanks


 curlyhairedjewels 5 months ago

Hi Lizzie,
I am based in Salisbury, Wiltshire and use hot wax for any type off bikini waxing.
Please do call if I am in the right area for you.
kind regards

Sources: http://www.curlyhairedjewels.com


 ParkBeauty 5 months ago

We use hot French Bees Wax ! And have 28years experience in waxing . We are based in St Albans Hertfordshire. Please call text or email for an appointment regards Jo and Tilly

Sources: http://www.joannerasmussen.wix.com/parkbeauty


 urbanwax 5 months ago

HI I use hot wax for all intimate waxing, i'm based in central Leicster...

Sources: http://www.urbanbare.co.uk


 GildedBeauty 5 months ago

Hi lizzie, I am based in the Southside of Glasgow. If you continue me we can arrange an appointment for you. x

Sources: http://www.gildedbeauty.co.uk


 CasaSpa 5 months ago

at Casa Spa & Arabian Hammam we use Hot Wax Beauty Harly Wax and the Oriental Wax sugari wax mixt with rose, lavender orange, `bookings are requestedd, Free Parking space available on request. Please pay a visit to our website http://www.casaspa.co.ukKind regards


 SkinDeepBeauty 5 months ago

I use hot wax, I'm based in Loughton in Essex. I use Perron Riggot hot wax Euroblone. It is a fantastic wax that gives superb results and I have had training from the amazing Kim Lawless the Wax Queen too.


 Daniel777 5 months ago

Hi our clinic offer Hot wax Australian Bodycare.

Sources: http://www.australianbodycare.com


 anju999 5 months ago

Laylas beauty hub


 Lsboudoir 4 months ago

Hi Lizzie, I'm based in south East London, I've just ended a beauty room.
I use hot wax, and I like it because it gives a better hair removal, so I totally understand why you are requesting this.

Sources: http://www.lsboudoirlondon.co.uk

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  Lsboudoir 4 months ago

Sorry Lizzie, my apologies for the spelling error.

I've just opened a beauty room x


 Vickieminx1 4 months ago

Hi we do Brown Sugar tanning and beauty in Harrogate x we use both hot and warm wax x