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Question: I'm looking into non-surgical lipo and have read about ultrasound cavitation. Which type is best?

Asked by Gale1 2 years ago

5 answers

There seem to be so many different therapies that fall under this category. Which is best for getting rid of tummy fat?

Lipo-Light, Ultrasound Therapy, SmartLipo, Lipodissolve

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DPL-clinic 2 years ago

Hi There,

Have you researched 'LPG Endermologie lipomassage' program? It is a proven and effective method of body inch loss, cellulite reduction and skin tightening all in one. With over 85 clinical studies worldwide, it aims to target stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise by MECHANO-STIMULATION.

In a Lipomassage session, a body suit is provided to be worn and the full body is treated, focusing more on areas of concern. The best part- unwind, relax as the movement of the rollers feels like a deep tissue massage.

Hope this helps.

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Gale1 2 years ago

Brilliant. Thank you so much

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LipoAdvisor 2 years ago

We had a comparison study of the most popular non surgical techniques! Coolsculpting came first! Its a cryolipolysis technology that does provide results with minor side effects! i Lipo and Zerona came second and third!

Sources: http://www.lipoadvisor.com/which-is-the-top-non-surgical-fat-removal-option/

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Gale1 2 years ago

thank you. Very helpful!

LipoAdvisor 2 years ago

Actually you need to clarify a few things! Smart Lipo is a surgical option (though minimally invasive)! Ultrasound therapy can be non surgical (Liposonix) or Surgical (VASER)! SmartLipo is not an Ultrasound Cavitation option! Probably you are a bit confused! You need to make clear what you want!

Sources: http://www.lipoadvisor.com/smart-lipo

LornaHowe 1 year ago

I've had ultrasound therapy over the weekend and can visibly see the difference already... I just cant find anywhere near home (Stansted) that does it... so need to go to west sussex to get more treatment...
Kind regards

Sources: http://www.watersedgeclinic.co.uk

SoundPhysiqueMA 1 year ago

Hi there,

We offer Ultrasound Therapy and I know from experience that it works really well on tummy fat. You can see results after 6 sessions (depending on how small or large the area is, if you are overweight then it would take longer). Hope this helps.

If you would like to read more about this treatment please check out our website below.

Sources: http://www.soundphysiquelondon.com

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