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Question: I am trying to find a good academy for SPMU. Has anyone got any views on Adorn Makeup Academy?

Asked by Louloulost 2 years ago

1 answer

Also, is a three day course long enough? I liked the sound of these people as they are not trying to sell me all the equipment if I do the course. I'd be grateful for any views.

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VictoriaAmmoscato 1 year ago

I have not heard of this company but am sorry but 3 days is not long enough to even cover anatomy and hygiene procedures let alone obtaining a good aesthetic result and effective technique. If you want good training (and this is crucial to start out in this field and be safe) then it comes at a price,are you sure the course is only 3 days long? or perhaps it is an introduction? when I first trained it was 2 weeks for basic knowledge and then practical after that? we also had case studies and exams.

It is better to obtain equipment when you train as you will need it to work and you will be familiar with your equipment sufficiently when you start to work on clients, also you will know if you have bought it from a good company that it is safe and certified for use in the UK.

If you don't obtain good training and equipment you really put your potential clients and yourself at risk, you will also risk to find it impossible or very very expensive to get insurance and a licence from your local authority if you train with a company that is not recognised.

Also I completely agree with the previous answer, traditional make up training is essential really.

Sources: Victoria Ammoscato - Micropigmention Cosmetic and Medical

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