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Question: Does semi-permanent make-up fade off? Especially for eyeliner.

Asked by charleymarley 4 years ago

10 answers

Conventional tattoos tend to fade over a number of years, but how does this sem-perm make-up fade off? Will I need to top it up with pencil once it begins to wear?

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PermantMakeup-HeidiWorman 4 years ago

Yes it does, but you may find eye-liner can last the longest. To get the correct colour fade is advisable and needed.

Technique and products used are paramount but this still can last many years if done correctly.

Colour boost's can be had at very reasonable price, to keep your makeup looking fresh

If you require a bespoke answer, I will give you all the factual details needed, off-line, if you wish.

Heidi Worman Permanent Makeup.

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traceybell 4 years ago

Semi permanent makeup is an excellent way to rejuvenate and improve skin colour and also an aging face.

Basically any type of tattoo over a period of time will start to fade. Normally I would tell my clients that it can last between 3-5 years then they would come back in and possibly have the procedure re-done. It can be used as an eyeliner and used on brows but any type of semi permanent make up will at some stage fade so this should always be taken into consideration when having a semi-permanent treatment

carina 4 years ago

The rate at which semi- permanent make up fades is dependent on the length of time since application ,exposure to the sun ,and also skin tone .
as a rough guide it should last 18 month to 3 years


JacquelineGibson 4 years ago

Anything that goes into the dermal layer of the skin is known to be "Permanent", permanent make-up does fade over the years especially with factors such as the sun which can fade the colour, you need a good sunscreen to stop this. Colour refreshers are needed approx 12-18 months after the initial procedure to keep the desired colour.

Beautyworks 4 years ago

semi permanent make up does fade but lasts atleast 3-4 years and then you come and have it topped up. I have 25 years experience on it and its definetly worth going for. It can help to soften, emphasis or improve your features.

PrecisionPermanentMakeup 4 years ago

The wonderful thing about permanent make-up is that it WILL fade. This is beneficial for clients that wish to change their look over the years (to suit their age, new hair style etc), and those who wish to alter the shape and/ or colour of previously applied permanent make-up.

Very dark almost black pigments will take roughly 5+ years to fade completely, This can be encouraged based upon variable factors such as: your skin type, use of Retin A skin creams, heavy exfoliation, and regular use of a sunbed.

In order to maintain your permanent make-up, a retouch is required every 12-18 months. Very blonde pigments (used for fair eyebrows) will fade from the skin quicker and may require retouces every 6 months. These retouches are usually charged at half of your initial cost. So you need to consider there is a small amount of maintenance to keep your permanent make-up looking fresh. But the benefits of excellently applied permanent cosmetics are worth this. Permanent make-up can transform and lift your features, often more so than cosmetic surgery.

if you have any further questions please contact me on 0785 313 4460
or visit my website http://www.precisionbeauty.co.uk/

sharon63 4 years ago

yes it does i had my eyeliner done 3 years ago an it more or less gone now

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sammm 1 year ago

how did it look while it was fading ?

tlmann 2 years ago

I had my eyeliner & eyebrows done last year by a brilliant semi permanent make up technician i found on http://semi-permanent-make-up-directory.co.uk/. She was REALLY good and my make up looks fantastic!!! I would definitely recommend getting it done as its not too painful and lasts for years! :-) I looked around for quite a bit and this seems to be the BEST place to find a technician as they are all top notch experienced technicians on there. I was very happy with mine :-D

Sources: http://semi-permanent-make-up-directory.co.uk/

CandyTu 1 year ago

Permanent Makeup usually lasts for about 7 to 8 years, depending on your skin type, exposure to sunlight and water.

Topping it up with a pencil kind of defeats the object, most places will top it up with the cosmetic tattoo machine for a reasonable fee.

Sources: http://www.candysnailandtattoo.co.uk where we treat you sweet like candy

JoannaTwyman 4 years ago

SPMU will eventually fade and as stated it depends on several factors (skin,exposure to weather, ink aplication etc...). All semi-permanent make up will eventually require a top-up; some will need to be applied after 18 months, some will need to be applied 2-3 years after the first application.

Sources: http://www.joannatwyman.co.uk

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