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Question: I've had a wave nouveau for almost 10 years, problem is, my hair sheds. What can an african girl do?

Asked by Maryamt 2 years ago

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EbonyHairBeauty 2 years ago

Hello Maryamt. I am sincerely sorry to hear what is happening to you.

To start with, whether it is a texturizer, relaxer or wave nouveau, it is still a chemical treatment, and all chemical treatments come with extra care and commitment. It has to be done by a professional and sometimes even pros can get it wrong. I don’t know if the wave was done by you, a friend or a pro, but I guess it is not really important anymore.

There is no magical solution to your issue and the answer might sound too simple, but I would suggest giving your hair a break (for good, if you can) from the wave nouveau and work on your hair in that order: stop the shedding, recondition your hair and finally GROW YOUR HAIR BACK!!! I can help with a hair regimen.

I have had clients suffering from hair loss due to braids too tight or chemical treatments who managed to grow their hair back with the proper care. If you want to talk more about this, don’t hesitate to email me.

Sources: I am a Natural Hair Care Specialist.

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291076 2 years ago

Please book a consultation with us so then we can give the best advice to suit your hair. Thanks Grace

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Maryamt 2 years ago

Thanks dear. I'm in London though

Abeey 2 years ago

It could be due to a number of reasons so it is best to see a qualified hairdresser for detail consultation. I am based in Dartford not tear from London.


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