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Question: Any good hair products or tips?? Need to tame my lovely frizzy/huge hair :)

Asked by Jade8 3 years ago

6 answers

I have hair that’s really thick and unmanageable unless I straighten it (GHD's), it will generally stay straight for about 4 days. Can anyone recommend what products I can use to try tame/style it when blowdrying. Trying to grow my hair so need to lay of the hair straighteners

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LB-hair-beauty 3 years ago

Hi I have the same sort of hair and straighten mine almost everyday whilst growing it. If you use the correct products and protection there is no reason why you can't use ghds without damaging your hair. I would recommend at least once a week sleep in conditioner you apply it to dry hair comb it through and put a shower cap on this locks on moisture. Also use a leave in consitioner such as tigi ego boost then add frizz control serum tigi control freak dry your hair then to straighten it use wella straightening protection spray it's one spray I find doesn't leave residue on your hair to make it greasy then use a finishing serum this will keep it straight. You'll have damage free hair as you are keeping the moisture in.
Hope that helps
LB Hair & Beauty

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jolene-c 3 years ago

Hi Jade, the previous hairdresser is right GHD's are not good for the hair they are constantly at 220 degres which is extremely hot, you can buy straighteners that have adjustable heat settings for half the price. Asp use a heat protector spray and intensive good quality conditioner. Alternatively the brszilian blowdry is great got your problem. I charge between £50-100 depending on length and thickness .

Invisinanohairextensions 3 years ago

Hello Jade, unfortunately ghd are very bad especially if u use them weekly, I know personally I had to get ride of them as I have very thick frizzy hair too and it kept breaking! But the good news is that you don't have to complemise the growth of your hair by only using GHD straighteners anymore! I used to have one myself and my clients who have the same problem. Try the brazilian straightener Nanokeratin, it contains NO Formelyde and really restore your damaged hair to its natural shine and softeness. It last for 3 months your hair will be straight and more manageable to style! Use straightener where you can control the heat so that your hair won't break! And stop using shampoos that contains sodium sulfate! I am based in Pembrokeshire, if you are in my area, I can do your Nanokeratin otherwise find someone that does it in your area! Well worth it and your hair will grow healthy! Guaranteed! Hope this helps! Susanne

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Jade8 3 years ago

thank you for such a graet answer, think I have to get it done :)

WildBill 3 years ago

What's up Jade.. I recommend using a good heat styling product.. I find that Redken Satinwear is the ultimate Blow Dry Lotion for creating soft and silky results. Follow up with a good leave in for those unrully ends etc... I use Bed Heads After Party and Matrix Biosilk Silk Therapy to achieve silky after finish results...
For more hair tips visit wildbillshairdesign.com

Wild Bill

Debbieb21 3 years ago

Hi A Brazilian Blow dry will improve your hair 100% but can be expensive- although does only equate to about £1.50 per day over the time period it lasts. We are also using lisap ultimate straightening fluid, which mimics the bbd for 2-3 washes and gives you a feel for how your hair will be. In addition a good rich conditioner such as Sexy Hair Silky shampoo and conditioner, designed to smooth the hair tame the frizz.

Sources: http://www.backstagehairstudio.co.uk

serenaya 3 years ago

I don't know if this helps any. You haven't mentioned how curly your hair is naturally, by frizzy i'm assuming it has some curl. If you wanted to stay completely away from all heat treatments Twisted Sista products are great for curls, you spray on damp hair and off you go, your curls will bounce in to actio with no frizz.
You should be able to buy these products at big chemists, tesco used to sell some of them.

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Jade8 3 years ago

When I wash my hair it goes into loose ringlets but once it starts to dry it turns into a frizz mess... as I’ve had my hair cut recently Im, not to keen on the curly short look so tend to straighten it. Once I get dome length back I will try the curly look :)

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