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Question: Can regular massage help with the aches and pains related to coeliac disease?

Asked by AngharadM 3 years ago

6 answers

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scott39 3 years ago


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osteopathacupuncture 3 years ago

Yes - but acupuncture is even better.

Sources: http://www.osteopathyacupuncture.co.uk

CleansingforLife 3 years ago

the aches and pains associated with coeliac diseases completely disappear when strictly avoiding Gluten. Massage although proven to be extremely efficacious with all forms of aches and pain cannot be a substitute for diet. The type of massage also has to be adapted to the cause of pain. Often pain is caused by swelling so the massage must be light and structured to assist lymphatic drainage. If pain is referred from inappropriate muscle tension and spasms then the massage must be on specifically associated muscles and much deeper. There are also clear energetic connections between pain and acupuncture meridians and a massage that incorporates acupressure will be most appropriate.
Kinesiology is the best tool to assess the cause, type and remedies (including the type of massage needed). Best to choose a massage therapist who understand the multidimensional nature of pain and is able to understand the need for a holistic treatment
Anne-Lise Miller kinesiologist, massage practitioner, nutritionist

Sources: To find a practitioner: Association of systematic kinesiology

NaturalHealer 3 years ago

did you mean to type celiac disease ??
check this article out.... http://www.massagetoday.com/archives/2006/03/16.html

Sources: http://www.massagetoday.com/archives/2006/03/16.html

PainTherapy 3 years ago

Diet is crucial in remedying the symptoms of the celiac disease. Myofascial Release MFR can help however to strengthen your body responses to inflammation and alleviate allergic reactions related to the celiac disease. MFR opens and nourishes the connective tissue in the body (fascia) and helps the body to reestablish natural immune and homeostatic processes.

Sources: http://www.freedomtherapy.net

TimSmith 3 years ago

a light gentle massage could help to relieve the aches and pains but no treatment should be provided unless supported by the GP


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