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Question: Any advice on best way to protect your hair whilst on holiday?

Asked by lomi-lomi 4 years ago

7 answers

I always end up with very dry hair in the sun. Are there good deep conditioning treatments you can recommend to help repair the hair?

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SpaNomad 4 years ago

Try glycerin or any glycerin-based products. Glycerin is a humectant which will attract moisture to your hair. I've found that oils soften and remineralize but don't necessarily hydrate the best. You could also try conditioners with aloe vera.

Sources: personal experience as an indian head massage instructor (http://www.champissageusa.com)

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Morrocan oil........or Argan oil is very good as a deep treatment. And get a Brazilian blow dry when you get back x

Abeey 4 years ago

I will recommend Paul Mitchell Awaphui treatment this is a in salon treatment and you get the Take Home conditional for your daily use.

JoPartridge55 4 years ago

We would recommend taking Kerastase Soleil products with you eg: the shampoo and the daily conditioner and a spray that you can put in your bag and keep reapplying all day.These products will protect your hair from the sun and they also have a lovely hair masque as well.
At the moment we are giving away a fab beach bag to any of our clients that buy two or more of the sun range!

dana4hair 4 years ago

We carry wonderful hair hare products that protect your hair from the sun, and keeps your color from fading.

JamesS 4 years ago

There are many, but here's the way to do it- buy almost any moisturising treatment (personally I like Sebastian Hydre treatent), put it on and leave it on thorough the day because the sun's heat will make it penetrate the hair more. After swimming use a clarifying shampoo because it removes any imprities left behing from the water, then condition, or put on the treatment. Use a conditioner with uv protection as this also defends any colour you may have on the hair. I don't really rate oils as they don't suit everybody and can buld up on the hair

LilBunny 4 years ago

I have thick hair that has a strong wave to it but it always goes frizzy as I have a lot of layers cut into it. How can I ensure that it looks sleek and sexy when I go on holiday to somewhere hot? I'm a tad worried about having a frizz pack for the whole time and I really don't want to spend my evening trying to straighten it. HELP!!

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