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What can I say about Villy? Lovely, personable, professional, extremely quick and the salon is great. Very friendly atmosphere. Will 100% recommend

Love love love my nails. As always Villy was personable, really quick (went during my lunch break from work) and friendly. Recommend 100%

Extremely welcoming and professional. As always I couldnt decide what colours I wanted and Villy let me try different colours and even did nail art for me to my delight. Excellent - recommend 100%

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2015

Got a text a couple of nights before my appointment to let me know that I would be getting clusters and not individual lashes as per my booking. I queried it and was told that I misunderstood and would need to pay an extra £20 for actual individual extensions. As they were for my birthday and the change was coming at past 9pm on a tues (for a thurs appointment) I decided to go ahead though I wasn't happy. I got the venue (it's not s salon but her house) and it was very clean and welcoming. The lady was also very friendly and professional. She did the lashes and though they weren't necessary what I thought I was happy with them.

It's now day 5 of having them on and they have mostly all fallen out!!! I can't believe it. It's meant to last 4/5 weeks. I use a Muslin cloth to clean my face so I don't touch the lashes yet this is the result. I'm obviously not impressed with it and wouldn't recommend. It's a shame because the lady was very professional on the day. The description in my opinion is not accurate and should be changed and the actual lashes need to last the time stated.

Used them for my birthday but hugely disappointed.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2015

As always Villy was a star. Was running late based on my poor planning but she is so quick she got me done in time. She even gave me the nail polish in case I smudged my nails as I ran out of the salon to get to my next destination. Excellent service

Villy is excellent. I started going to Silverclip for the nail art and Villy's friendly and fast service. This time i tried something different (no nail art) and she ensured my own nails were well taken care of. Excellent all around.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2014

Loved that it was quick and easy to get to. When I got there, noone spoke to me though there were only 4 people in the salon. 2 customers 2 staff. After standing around awkwardly for a few mins I finally said loudly that I had an appointment. I was told to take a seat. 15 mins later - and at this point I was very annoyed - I asked again as my appointment time had completed past and I had somewhere else to be - and i was told to wait. Turns out the beautician was with another client. When she was done I was then seen to. Beautician was very friendly and apologised for the wait. There was an issue with the threading however and most of my right eyebrow was taken off by accident. instead of apologising she tried to say it was like that to begin with. After an hour of poor service and long wait times, i just left. Would not return and would not recommend. Shame - as its so close to me and i need somewhere in the area. The search continues...

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2014

My original appointment was rescheduled due to admin errors which was a little annoying at first but the salon was extremely flexible and very friendly so that was a massive plus. When I got there the stylist was extremely warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable straight. They kept to time which was fab and the advise given was suited to my hair. They deal with all hair types which is so handy and I loved the end product. I will defintely go back. Great find.


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