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Verified (?) Visited Nov 2011

Bought the band received it very quickly. I bought small size and stil too big for my wrist,you can get x-small but not with every colour. I've not really noticed much differences wearing the bracelet all the time, i sleep slightly better but still have frequent bad nights, energy level mmmm don't feel like jumping around and not full of energy but don't feel slugish either. feeling are mixed about it clearly i do not have all these amazing positives effects as desccribed by other. If i would buy again no i don't think so.

Visited Sep 2011

Booked on Friday evening after a stressful week at work, never tried anything like it. Everything was explain to me as it was the first time i tried floatation. Music played for about 15 minutes before fading away switched off the lights and just relax. Not sure for how long i drifted away but i felt so comfortable almost forgetting i was in water. Floating tank is large and no feeling of claustrophobia. Did not like the difference of temperature when opening the door but was compensated with a worm shower.
would have been great to have a extraction fan in the room as it was so steamy afterward i simply could not see myself in the mirror and struggle to feel dry. Would have been great to have a blow drier in the room too rather than having to walk out in communal area with we soaking hair.
I was offered tea and water and you can relax on the sofa. I felt like if i was coming back from a week holiday and all my stress was just gone but as another girl mention it don't plan anything afterward as you don't fell like doing anything.
Will definitely return.

I went to have my Brazilian blow dry to treat myself for my birthday.
Arrived at the salon waited a little, then one woman took me to wash my hair i had to ask where could i leave my jacket as she did not offer to take it for me. She washed my hair while speaking polish all along with 2 other girls having cup of tea.
Then i was told either i could take a seat on the sofa for one of the hairdresser to blow dry my hair or she could do it on the nails corner section. I ask to have my hair blow dry near the nail section area, then another girl came along to blow dry my hair.
While she was drying my hair another person came along telling me she would be doing the treatment.
She took me to start the treatment, as soon as she started applying the product my eyes started watering as ventilation is extremely poor (only a fan and door salon open) and she was pulling my hair and was speaking in polish with the other hairdresser not caring if i was fine or not.
After she finished applying the product i was told to move out the chair and take a seat on the sofa as she was going to do another client!
While seating only then someone else offered my tissues as my eyes and throat was literally burning.

After waiting another woman took me along to blow dry my hair, she is the only one who asked if i was ok. She blow dry my hair and straighten then with plates.
She show me shampoo and conditioner to buy but decline as i knew i could get them from Holland & Barret.
That has been the worst experience ever and will never recommend to anyone as i wouldn't like to see anyone put thru such bad experience.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2011

I wnet a for a peel so i had to fill out a medical history form, therapist was nice and professional during treatment told me what would suits me best for my type of skin. She recommended some products they sale but did not force me to buy, gave me a price list.
Definitly i will go back for more facials.

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