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Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

The therapist seems very experienced at Thai massage. He communicated with me throughout my treatment to make sure I gain the most benefit of it. I am very pleased with the experience and would like to go again.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2013

Visited for the second time and was looked after by Kamila. A very comprehensive deep tissue massage, and also some elements of stretching arms/legs, extremely relaxing which was exactly what I wanted. The time I went previously I got a very deep and firm massage to work out shoulder knots, so it seems that the therapists are quite capable of using a variety of techniques.

Received a full hour of treatment (actually perhaps a few minutes more than an hour?) as opposed to some other places where arriving/changing/leaving must fit within the 1 hour slot. Overall highly recommended.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2013

I seem to be becoming a regular here - overall for the location it just seems to have the best balance of a convenient location, a comfortable space, excellent therapists, and very good value. The manager, Yana, is also very nice and always makes sure you're happy with everything and is at the reception almost all of the time.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2013

Slightly difficult to find, upstairs from a personal fitness training centre which is in a passageway behind a coffee shop. Once you find your way upstairs, though, the space is well kept, clean, and warm. The treatment rooms are a decent size, allowing the therapists to easily walk around the treatment table without obstruction.

The massage I had included some Thai massage, which involves some stretching and tension, followed by a deep tissue massage. Note that the Thai massage does involve them kneeling on you or otherwise using their weight to apply pressure - I find it quite nice as it gives more pressure over a wider area, but do communicate with them if you're uncomfortable with this. I found my therapist particularly good, having asked her to focus on my shoulders, she applied several different techniques while I was lying both face up and face down to help loosen the muscles.

In central London I find this extremely good value for money -- my partner and I are thinking of making this a weekly appointment!

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Verified (?) Visited Mar 2013

Back for the third time. My appointment was rescheduled, presumably due to prior treatments over-running or running late, and I received an e-mail beforehand notifying me of the updated time. It was very good of them to send an e-mail in advance, so that I didn't have to wait there for half an hour.

I have stiff shoulders from working at a desk all day, and my therapist used a variety of techniques to relieve them, including usual deep-tissue techniques using the therapists fingers/hands/palms/elbows as well as Thai massage techniques like different stretches, knee and foot/walking pressure (this is optional, the therapist asked me beforehand if I would like this technique) in a face-down, face-up, and sitting up position.

I always have gotten the same room there (#3), which is a comfy room, enough space for the therapist to perform the treatment, and is nice and warm (there's a well placed heater on the wall which can adjust the temperature quite quickly if you ask the therapist)

Great treatment overall, and great value. Remember to walk around the right side of the Salt cafe, go down the passageway which bends to the left, go through the personal training gym, and through the far side doors and upstairs. An odd layout but if it keeps the rent and thus the treatment prices down in central London, I can easily live with that.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2013

Have gone several times now. Went for a two hour massage on the weekend. I got my usual therapist initially, but she was apparently called away for some reason about half an hour into the session. The therapist I got afterwards didn't seem quite as experienced and generally the session wasn't as relaxing -- too much of a shaking motion to their technique which made it difficult to relax. I suppose next time I will have to be more careful about making sure my preferred therapist is available in advance.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2013

I was going to rate it four stars. However ever since l had the facial there, my pores seem to be infected due to the therapist squeezed my pores with her nails. I'm open to the approach but thought she could have used some product to avoid of this happens or at least advice on the product I could use at home.

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