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Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited May 2015

This was my first time here. My wife was a regular here during her pregnancy and she raved about this place. I had high expectations and they are more than met. Mario was excellent, very knowledgable and I felt so completely relaxed after the treatment it was bliss. I hope to come again soon.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2014

Amazing treatment by Mario as usual. I was completely and utterly relaxed. I left the building not sure how to get home and I use to live in this area. I was completely zoned out.
Mario is a really experienced and sensitive reflexologist. I would recommend him wholeheartedly!

Verified (?) Visited May 2014

I booked this for my mother in law. Upon arrival we realised it was with a male therapist but my mother in law didn't mind at all. She thought the massage was excellent - a little painful but a really good pain was what she said. She felt v relaxed and loved the experience. Aside from not being warned about a male therapist it was fab.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2014

Good massage. Not as great as before I was pregnant but maybe pregnancy massages have to be more gentle. Will come again.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2014

Excellent massage once again. This was booked for my husband who really enjoyed the massage. He's becoming addicted to these soothing hands and will be visiting again soon.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2013

Mario was excellent once again. I enjoyed my treatment and felt very relaxed afterwards. Will be attending again soon I hope.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2013

I booked this massage for a family member who really enjoyed the experience. The only slight issue was we asked for a particular therapist and I am not sure it was the one she got. Other than that it must have been good as she has just asked me to book another!

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2013

Great massage and lovely warm beds. I really enjoyed this massage. Probably why I have now become a regular. The staff here are caring and friendly. Must go!


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