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Name: None given
Gender: Female

I love a good massage, pampering and a bit of luxury now and again without breaking the bank. I am in my 40s, and trying to keep a mental age of 21!!

Just what I needed in this horrible cold weather! The car park was a little icy but ok, and free! Took a while for them to let me in but then I was really early for my appointment. Lovely big squishy leather sofas to sit on while you wait and a camomile tea to relax me. Very good! I was taken to the lovely treatment room where I undressed and wore some very fetching paper knickers. I had a head massage first which was relaxing, the warm oil smelt wonderful. The therapist tied up my oily hair afterwards, ready for me to lie on the treatment table for my body massage. Superb, warm oil, and a good pressure (I'm quite sensitive but this was just about bearable for me). Back then front,

Following this relaxing experience she then massaged my face, concentrating on my sinuses as 'd booked the sinus cleanse. This was good, excellent pressure and again very relaxing. Then the sinus cleansing came! I had been a bit wary of this bit but it wasn't too bad! Some drops of medicated oil up each nostril which I had to inhale, then a burning sensation down my throat! Not terrible but 'interesting'. I was shown into the shower/sauna where I sat in the steam for 10 minutes as my skin absorbed the oils and my sinuses cleared.

I was advised not to have a shower for a couple of hours to let the oils absorb and provide the most benefits so I drove home with oily hair but feeling warm and relaxed. My skin feels amazingly soft now too.

I would recommend a massage as a treat to anyone, and I booked my partner in as I left! Go for it.

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Member since: 27-Mar-2013