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Verified (?) Visited Oct 2013

I had a consultation for laser hair removal.It was very informative.The treatment room is very welcoming and my therapist was friendly and answered all my questions.I'm looking forward to starting my treatment.

I had a waxing treatment. It was definitely good value for money.I wasn't too bothered about the actual treatment room but nevertheless it was clean.Usually my skin feels irritated after waxing treatments but luckily I didn't have this problem this time.My therapist was very friendly.I'd definitely go back again and have more waxing treatments :)

Visited Sep 2013

I had a microdermabrasion facial.It wasn't harsh on my skin like typical microdermabrasion with crystals.It was amazing.I ended up falling asleep during the facial because I felt so relaxed.My skin was left visibly glowing.The therapist was very friendly and gave me good advice on how to care for my skin.

Visited Sep 2013

The venue wasn't hard to find.The actual clinic is in the basement of a hair and beauty shop.The treatment room was very welcoming and looked tidy.The therapist was lovely and was very keen to personalise my crystal free microdermabrasion treatment which was good.After the microdermabrasion the therapist applied a lovely face mask which covered my entire face,I've never had a mask covering my entire face,it was a interesting experience.I was happy with the results and would definitely go back again.

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2013

The treatment room itself didn't look very welcoming and was quite small which took me by surprise.I thought the treatment room would look a bit more luxurious.The actual deep tissue massage wasn't too bad but it was hard to relax because of the surroundings.I honestly don't think I'd go back but that's only because I'd prefer a luxurious experience.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2013

Finding the venue wasn't too bad.The actual treatment room is in an office building,I found that a bit weird.The therapist met me at the door and was friendly,I was offered water which I gladly accepted.I had a deep cleansing Dermalogica facial and a face and neck massage.The therapist spent a lot of time massaging my face and spent little time on my neck.I enjoyed having the facial but my face felt very dry after the treatment.

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