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Verified (?) Visited Dec 2014

i always wanted to try some eyelashes extensions but was to scared of a " fake" result
the treatment was really relaxing ( i must have fall asleep several times) and the result was and is still amazing after 3 weeks. Of course you loose some of the lashes over time but like you would with your natural ones.
i had a half set and the result was exactly what I wanted - which is like if this was my natural lashes with a super powerful mascara and that you have already when you get up!
I will definitly do it again

And the eyebrow threading was perfect as well

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2014

I booked a mani/pedi with Kristine after reading all the good reviews and I was definitly not disappointed!!
It has been a while that my feet did not get pampered , Kristine took her time to remove all the hard skin, the cuticles, etc... Doing a perfect job!
She is professional, really friendly and the treatments are really good value!
I will definitly not go anywhere else now for my nails and I cant wait to try the lashes treatments!
Thanks Kristine for my sparkling nails!

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2014

I had a Haircut, Deep Repair Mask & Signature Blowdry and have awarded it 4 stars.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2014

The place is nice and the beautician was competent, she really took her time to extract the black heads
It isreally busy so it can be noisy sometimes

Verified (?) Visited May 2014

I have book a facial for me and my husband and we had a really nice, relaxing experience.
I had a problem in my wahanda booking and Magda was nice enough to change the time.
We were taken exactly on time and the facial was really relaxing. our skin still feel super refreshed the day after

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2014

I had a Brazilian Waxing and have awarded it 5 stars.

I couldn't agree more with all the previous review! Went there last Friday for a Brazilian wax and i think i finally find where to go now.
I first tried the Brazilian when I was living in Amsterdam and experienced it with a true Brazilian therapist and since then, I tried couple of times in London only to be disappointed and hurt. Last time my skin was still burning the day after so I tried this venue according to the review I read hoping for the best

This time, Magda was super nice and really professional. As said by others, the waxing was really quick and I did not feel any pain. a Bikini wax is never a really confortable situation but still she manages to put yourself at ease and it is finished before you realize it.

I would definitly recommend it and i think i will try some other treatments as well

I had twice brazilian waxing when i was living in Amsterdam by a proper Brazilian therapist, since then, I never found somebody that could do a satisfying job, most of the time painful experiences with bruises and ingrowing hairs afterwards.
I went to Simply Beauty following the review here and I must say I wasnt deceived at all.
Magda is really professional, knows how to put yourself at ease (considering i had a brazilian, it is not the easiest thing to do! ) and really knows how to do her job.
The waxing is not painful and the result was really good . I already went back once and will continue to book with her now!

I also went another time for a facial and I was as happy as I was with the waxing. She really took her time to treat my skin properly and spend a lot of time on my blackheads as I have my pores open.

I really recommend Simply Beauty as on top of offering excellent treatments, the price are as well affordable.

to sum up the situation my husband bought a "membership card" giving 50% and a lot of extra freebies in the Westfield salon - people showed him the salon and everything.
Then when I checked the price given on the membership, it did not correspond to the price of the Westfield salon so when I called to booked an appointment I specifically asked if the 50% will be applied to the full price used in the Westfied venue which has been confirmed to me
At the end, I had to pay 36 pounds instead of 19.5 (50% of full price Westfield) - did not get all the extra mentionned on the card (no head massage, no intensive conditionner, no hairstyle advice... ) and almost no haircut by seeing the look of my hair now.
Now that I complain I have been told that this membership card is only for the West End where there is no mention on this on the membership card and when I have been told the contrary on the phone.

On top of it - they are ignoring me and dont even try to be customer friendly
I usually get my hair done for 10 pounds by a hairdresser coming at my place and that knows exactly how to cut my curly difficult hair.
For once, i thought i would "treat" myself with all the nice things you can get at a salon... how wrong I was - I wasted my money... and still will ask my hairdresser to cut my hair back

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