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Name: None given
Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Nov 2014

I was attracted by this offer since it was located closest to my home and was very aware of what to expect having carefully read previous review (men's barber shop at the street level). Correspondingly I went in a bit apprehensively and was genuinely pleased with everything that happened as I came down the stairs,- the ambiance, the music, the smell, the little touches and the facial itself were absolutely great. Will come again and recommend to everybody!

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2014

I was trying to analyse what makes this experience so perfect and decided it was three components for me:
1. The therapist Rebecca Law, herself
2. The actual massage.
3.The background music
I certainly would be back.

Verified (?) Visited Jul 2014

I had a very good massage and a consultation, there was also very good communication all the way througout. Rebecca is an amasing specialist I would recommend to anybody without reservation.

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2013

A good experience overall, but I was 6 month pregnant at the time, which I did inform the service provider about, hoping that they may have appropriate equipment (foldable massage bed). They did not, and I could not lay still on my back, which did irritate my masseuse. So, would definitely recommend, but not if you are pregnant!

Visited Apr 2013

Both my treatments very absolutely enjoyable and the location was great, to wrap up a bit of shopping with a relaxing massage. The staff was friendly and ambiance good. I would definitely come again, but it’s the value for money (with a voucher) that makes this option the most attractive!

Visited Dec 2012

Very convenient location, I was also very pleased with general ambiance and the quality of my treatment. Unfortunately, the second part of my wahanda offer,- mini-manicure was not available as booked, which meant that I had to come the second time just to get it, which was not ideal, but my overall impression is still positive, would come again and recommend.

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2012

A positive experience overall. A very convenient and easy to find location, polite therapist and staff. This was a new treatment for me, but I found it effective and left refreshed and re-energised afterwards. There was a bit too much hard sell trying to get repeat business from me, but that is the only negative I could think about. Would recommend if you are not afraid to experiment and try new, different treatments.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2012

This was a first "scientific" facial i ever had, so I was very impressed with the tools used and analysis undertaken. Location was convenient, my treatment did not start on time because they were running behind, but overall I was satisfied. My therapist was very professional and the treatment was thorough. Their prices are too high for me, personally, but I would definitely recommend to others.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2011

I did not have any problems booking an appointment or finding the location. The staff were sufficiently friendly and accommodating. I was happy with the massage overall, although it was less intensive, compared to my previous experience of shiatsu. I have been to the venue since with my husband to try other services as well.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2011

We've heard good things about the experience, so were keen to check it out. The flotation center was not difficult to find, staff were suffiently friendly. The treatment started a bit late, due to previous clients, but it did not negate the experience. It was restful indeed and I neither had any problems with being inclosed in a capsule or with having to wear earplugs. So, overall positive experience, but both of us decieded we do prefer massage for relaxation.


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