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Verified (?) Visited Oct 2014

The massage was top quality as usual. 4 stars, not 5 because I asked to focus on my shoulders but the therapist actually spent a lot of time on my legs. But that's probably because my legs were stiff and needed a good rub!

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2013

The receptionist was very friendly, and my massage started late but she apologised and offered a glass of water. The therapist was good, and I enjoyed the massage. Good value for money!

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2013

I've done reformer pilates classes in several place before, but this place was the largest and the most spacious. Sometimes a problem as you couldn't hear the instructor over the music, but she was very attentive and made sure your posture was correct. The exercises are effective and I woke up the next morning with serious muscle aches! It's great when you know you've worked hard. The place is a little hard to find, as it's in the basement, but it's just off the main road and very close to Old Street station. £12 for 2 classes is a bargain, I recommend everyone to try it.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2013

The venue doesn't stand out but it's on the main street so easy to find. The treatment was very good, and the lady was very attentive. It's always nice when they offer you water, you know they care! I would probably go back, given the price.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2013

The person who greeted me upon my arrival was very friendly and gave me a glass of water. The massage itself was great, my therapist applied lots of pressure as I like massages which are firm. This was the day after I got back from a snowboarding trip so I really needed the deep tissue massage to get rid of the tenseness of my muscles! Good value for money.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2013

I called on the day to see if my appointment could be moved an hour forward, and the staff accomodated my request very kindly. My therapist was very professional, using Thai-style techniques to get the knots out of my shoulders. I'm used to getting massages which are an hour long so 30 minuets was a bit unsatisfying, but she did give me an offer to extend my massage for 30 minutes for 20 pounds (which I would have taken had I not been pressed for time). I would return again.

Visited Feb 2013

I've been going to Tempo Pilates (on and off) since last year, but for the past 5 weeks, I've been going twice a week. This was to tackle the excessive fat-gain after Christmas and New Years- and the classes did wonders! Now I feel stronger than ever, and I've lost the flabby bits which suddenly appeared after overeating for 2 weeks. The instructors push you hard, and you're in agony during class but it's definitely worth it. I love how you can easily visualise your improvements after each class- you die a little less doing the plank every week! Highly recommended.

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2013

I booked this facial after the winter coldness has dried out my skin completely. The therapist tackled some of the issues I had, such as combination oily/dry skin and enlarged pores. She also gave me advice to exfoliate more often to soften my skin, and treated me to a shoulder massage while having a face mask. Overall a very nice experience.

The staff were very friendly and helpful, and let me start my treatment early when I arrived at the venue 30 minues before my appointment. The lymphatic drainage machine was quite relaxing, however after a single visit it's hard to see any effect. I might go again if there are offers, but wouldn't necessarily pay the full price!

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2012

I was looking to have a massage which applies strong pressure, rather than the ones where they just smear oil on your body. I asked for the Thai massage and it was great. Pressure was applied at the right points which relieved my tension, but not too hard as to leave any muscle pain. The venue isn't ambient as it's within a hair dresser, but I would definitely recommend the place for a nice strong massage.


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