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Verified (?) Visited Nov 2014

Really centrally located close to Putney Rail Station, the salon is light and airy with high ceilings. I was able to book an appointment early Saturday and was offered a drink whilst I waited (which wasn't long - the coffee was lovely). I was seen by Donata who listened to what I wanted and gave me advice about how the change would suit my hair. I had a great hair wash with a short scalp massage, and then Donata cut and blow dried my hair exactly as I wanted it. I would recommend to a friend and would go back myself. Thanks!

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2014

Atelier is located within easy walking distance of Putney Rail Station, tucked in to one of the side streets. The salon cozy and welcoming and I was offered a drink before treatment. I had booked the strip wax on legs and bikini and was seen promptly. The treatment itself was quick and efficient, but what I really liked was that the waxing was thorough and I wasn't charged for any extra areas like they do in other salons. The only downside would be that strip wax can be a little painful on the bikini line so I would book hot wax instead on future treatments. The beautician was careful to finish the treatment with tweezers to pick up stray hairs, which again, I find a few other places haven't done.
I will be coming back here for future treatments as they do facials, massages, hair, and IPL and all very competitively priced. Thanks!

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2014

The venue is quite easy to find, close to Clapham Junction (just a short walk away). The venue is very small but clean, and the beautician/receptionist was polite. She showed me down to the waxing room in the basement and it was small and well lit. I had ordered a Brazilian wax and underarm wax, and she started with the underarm.

Underarm wax: 3/5
The process was fairly painless however this was the first time I have had my underarms done with strip wax as opposed to hot wax. As a result, not all the hair was removed and she had to go back with tweezers. Even then, when I inspected the wax at home I could still see hairs. So far the treatment was a bit of a let down.

Brazilian Wax: 4/5
For the bikini wax the beautician used hot wax which I was pleased with and she was very efficient. This treatment was a lot less painful than the last few bikini waxes I have had and she was done within 30 minutes! Another positive was that she didn't just stick to the defined bikini line but also took off any other hair in the area, which I was very happy with as few places do this and insist on charging extra for the smaller areas. However, on the downside she finished off the more sensitive areas with strip wax which again, I have never had done and which left some hairs in the area, even though she went over with the tweezers to finish up.

I would recommend the venue and would go again myself using wahanda vouchers.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2014

The venue was well located just off Putney High Street, so very easy to find and get to. I was one of the first appointments of the morning and when I got there another girl was also waiting. I was told to wait and at 10 my hair dresser came to collect me. He asked what I wanted from my hair cut to which I firmly explained I wanted a trim only, as I was trying to grow my short hair out. He also asked how I wanted it blow dried and I deferred to his opinion.
I was then taken to the the back of the salon, next to the girl who was seen before me. My hair dresser washed my hair rather quickly and I felt slightly rushed, as although I was seated after the other girl my hair wash was finished way before her (it looked like her therapist was giving her a nice little head massage which I didn't get). Minor niggle but this contributed to the overall feeling I had from the salon which was to rush me through my appointment.
Next came the haircut which was good, the hairdresser took his time and trimmed the ends and dried the hair well - however the reason I am only giving this venue 3 stars, and the reason I am leaving my appointment dissatisfied is because after I explained that I only wanted a trim, the hairdresser proceeded to take even more hair off my ends after he had blow dried my hair. If he had just left it after drying, I would have been satisfied. As it was, I left the salon with a shorter cut than I wanted.
Overall the venue is well located for people in the area, I would just recommend that you are VERY firm with your therapist when explaining what you want.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2013

Venue: The venue was very easily located next to the Parsons Green Tube stop and easy to find. It is a small salon but clean and nicely decorated. I was greeted on arrival and asked to sit on the couch to wait for my appointment (I was 15 minutes early) - however Gill (the hairdresser) took me through for my appointment a minute later. The hair washing facilities are located at the back of the salon and although the area is a bit small it wasn't as cramped as some other venues I have been to.

Hairdresser: Gill saw me early and walked me through what I wanted for my hair (I was just in for a trim). She then took me to the back and gave me a very nice hair wash (I like it when the conditioner is massaged into my hair). She made sure I had coffee/tea and gave me a very good cut. I have been to a few haircut appointments through Wahanda and previously have always received a someone cursory hair cut and blow dry. However Gill really took her time, trimmed all areas of my hair and took the time to answer my questions about how to style my hair in different ways. She then blow dried it well. The only reason I didn't give full stars for the review is that she trimmed my hair a little after the blow dry and took too much off the front - otherwise the cut would have been perfect.

The salon itself is nice and cheerful and the staff are clearly on very good terms with their customers - Jimmy was there when I was getting my hair cut and he greeted a lot of regulars, which was nice to see given some of the impersonal salons in central London.

Overall I think this is a very good deal for a good hair cut. I would go back!

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2013

The venue is very centrally located in Soho so easy to get to after work. I arrived early for my appointment and was offered a drink - I had a glass of water and a really good coffee!

I had booked the £39 Cut with a Senior Stylist - and started off getting my hair washed in the basins in the back. They are rather awkward - rather than having the attendant behind you washing your hair they stand next to your head and have to lean over you to clean your hair - I found it a bit uncomfortable and intimate but short of redesigning the place there isn't much to they can do...

I was then taken to Gavin and explained I wanted my longer hair cut off to just below my jaw...and I have to say he did a great job. He was chatty and entertaining (I am not usually one to chat to hairdressers) and explained what he was doing at each point. My hair is rather thin and when I have been to salons before it is usually the case that I get a cursory cut and told that that is the most that can be done with my hair. With Gavin, this was the complete opposite. He took time over the cut, measured my hair from each angle and took care to cut it all correctly. He gave me a fantastic cut and blow dried it and it looks amazing. The cut is so good that after washing my hair it falls really well with minimal styling...I will definitely be back!

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2013

I was welcomed to the salon courteously, and offered a drink a few times. My appointment started on time and the hairdresser Clyde asked me what I wanted for my hair.
I was then taken to the basins for a hair wash and it is the first salon I have been to where you lie down completely whilst your hair is washed. Although this is certainly more comfortable than having something dig into your neck, I have to say that it is not very efficient and you can easily get water down your neck.
My hair cut was nice - I mostly got a trim but it was not as stylish as I was hoping for and I felt a bit disappointed that my requests hadn't been followed. Overall it was a good experience and I was happy with the results - next time I will be more vocal about what I want!

My friend and I booked the spa day as a girls day out - we were interested in the tea and cakes offer, with a choice of treatment. We both decided we wanted the massage.

Booking: This was no problem, although I booked our treatments 2 months from the booking date, so availability was good. We were able to have out treatments booked at the same time at a reasonable hour.
Venue: 20 minutes from Clapham Junction station, this was fairly easy to find although it is a bit out of the way. The spa itself was lovely, on the small side but it had a jacuzzi, wave pool, gym and massage rooms.
Massage: Really good - my friend and I were given our back massages in the same room, at the same time, so neither one of us had to wait around for the other. The therapist did the exact pressure I wanted from her, and the massage felt amazing.

Overall experience: although I was happy with the spa itself and the treatment, I have to say that I would not return to the spa for a few reasons:
1. We were there on a Saturday and the spa was fully booked - however there was only 1 working shower in the women's locker room. When it was time to leave we had to queue up for the shower - ridiculous considering there were about 4 women waiting at a time.
2. The offer we booked through Wahanda was for Tea and Cakes. Although we were offered tea with no problems, we finished our treatment at about 11am and asked for the cakes at that point. We were told these were coming. At 12pm and 1pm we asked again for our cakes, and were told these were still on their way, and that we should wait in the waiting room, which was FREEZING! IT was also overcrowded considering the amount of people at the spa over the weekend - their wasn't enough seating for anyone who was waiting for a drink or some food.
3. At 2pm my friend and I had pretty much had enough of waiting for our cakes and went to leave. We were getting dressed in the locker room when a staff member came in and rudely asked us to come with her as our cakes were ready. When we asked for a minute (given we were still getting dressed) she huffed off and told us to wait in the waiting room. If I hadn't been so starving by this point I would have left immediately. As it was, I wish I had. We were told the cakes were being prepared, and what we were served was a type of frozen cheesecake, which was so bad neither of us finished it.

Conclusion: the treatment was great, but I would not have paid full price for it. A shame that such a nice experience was ruined by the poor staff attitude and not setting expectations with the clients. They offered that we could go back (as the wave pool was not working on the Saturday that we were there) however I would not want to return for even a free day at the venue.


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