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Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

Hotel was nice but there is a massive disconnect between the different areas. Things noted were:
Reception were supposed to supply robes but said we'd get them in the spa
Reception had forgotten to tell the restaurant that we would be dining with them
We were told the spa was completley booked out, but both times we visited there were 6 girls standing around the desk doing nothing- didn't even bother welcoming us when we arrived or seeing how our treatment was upon departure
Serail treatment was good although we were very much left to our own devices
Hotel room was very large and spacious

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2013

I had a Just for me pamper package! and have awarded it 5 stars.

Visited Jul 2013

Bridgit is just lovely and really puts you at ease throughout the treatment. She's very knowledgable on good nutrition and health and sent through a leaflet on what to do before my colonic to get the most out of it. She also sent a post treatment email with some useful information. She's dedicated to getting results and was successful on my visit. This was a positive (as much as a colonic can be!) experience and I thoroughly recommend her.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2013

Fantastic deep tissue massage- managed to get rid of the knots in my shoulders and tight leg muscles but also made it relaxing. Great price and excellent service. I'll be going back.

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I went for a haircut with Tony on the 30th April. I have short hair and wanted the sides and back cut and reshaped but my fringe to be left long as I had a wedding in 2 days and needed the length. He indicated that he understood my request and on we went. 10 minutes later, I was sitting there with one side of my fringe 3 inches shorter- I had the makings of a pixie cut!! When I questioned what had just happened after we had agreed to keep the length in the fringe, I got a barrage of passive aggressive dramatised dither about how he is an artist and has a vision so chose to do something that would show my face better, rather than what we had discussed or what I wanted. After all, 'he had studied at the Vidal Sassoon!' blah blah blah. By the end of the cut, the right side of my fringe was 1cm shorter than the left, but with no gradient- just a severe drop about half way along. The right side in general, was well contoured and layered, although far shorter than I’d wanted. But he’d obviously taken offense to me questioning his 'genius' and lost interest (and professionalism) soon after, as the other side was left hardly touched. As a result, I had a blob of bluntly cut hair flopping to that side which looked ridiculous. I said I would not pay until I could speak to the manger, who was not in that day. In the end, they agreed... Under Tonys duress. The visit ended with him yelling at me (in English & his native tongue) complete with offensive hand gestures, and me in tears for first time ever after a haircut. The manager never called me.
I agree that this hairdresser is very good value, but when you walk out of there with a style so asymmetrical and jagged you look like an extra from the 5th element, it's hardly worth it. I have only had experience with Tony and I would absolutely recommend avoiding him at all costs. The rest of the staff may be very good, although I am always a little weary of companies that appear to be writing their own reviews on these types of sites... Apologies for the long review, just hoping this prevents anyone else having a similarly upsetting experience, especially 2 days before their best friends wedding, no less!


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