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Name: Rista
Gender: Female
Location: Not provided

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I had a sore back and arms after going go-karting a couple of days before. Booked at Serenity Therapies for a massage and I can honestly say the pain was instantly gone. Very nice and friendly therapist too. Excellent.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2014

Went in for a microdermabrasion which I had never done before but the friendly consultant talked me through it in great details.

Overall very satisfied with the service and lovely staff, still waiting to see the effect of the treatment.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2013

Venue is good, very clean and just nice in general. The only thing I want to mention about this is the noise of people talking that I could hear when I was having my treatment. I would have expected a quiet and calming environment - but staff and guests talking outside was a little bit loud.

I bought the facial and back massage voucher and the lady who looked after me was Tracey. She was lovely. Facial was so nice, my face felt so refreshed afterwards. The massage was probably one of the best I've had in a long time. Sometimes I get a massage that is just so soft, I can't feel any difference in my back. But Tracey got stuck into it and I left with a lot less knots and pain in my back. The treatment was all round lovely.

The only thing is, when I got home and looked at my email, my voucher said it should've been a 1hour30minute treatment, but I was only there for one hour. It was partly my fault that I didn't check -- it's funny that they missed this as well. It's still excellent value for what I paid for, but I would've wanted that extra half an hour of back massage.

I came with a half price cut + conditioning treatment voucher. I had to pay extra for having long and thick hair (£10) for the conditioning service, which was fair enough as it was stated in the T&C.
However, the quality of the conditioning treatment was not worth the extra I paid for as it was nothing special – putting a bit of conditioner in my hair which I do at home anyway.
Hair cut was OK, staff was friendly... But the conditioning service let me down so I don’t think I would go back or recommend.

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Member since: 23-Aug-2013