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Just got my lashes done at another place and they are NOTHING compared to the ones done here! Usually long, thick and pretty when done by Anna and I'm asked exactly what sort of look I want. I've seen her twice and they looked excellent both times :)
Could do with playing some music in the background from what I recall last time, although she was very pleasant and chatty and I found I learned quite a few things maintenance wise. She knows her stuff!

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I've been coming to this salon for a few months now as their waxing service is one of the quickest and least painful I've ever had. I first booked them through an online deal and was apprehensive as the last wax I had at another salon took twenty painful minutes! Thrupti does my waxing now and she is just fantastic! Quick, professional and friendly - I think a typical Hollywood takes about 5 minutes with her :)
The eyebrow threading is also fantastic, my only slight niggle was that I booked Shellac nails but they actually use Gelish which I'm not as keen on. Still - a lovely salon that I would recommend 100%.

I came here on a KGB deal I booked for eyelash extensions, eyebrow tint & shape. The eyelashes were AMAZING - I asked for the longest length they had and even though it took two hours to get them all in, I left with wonderfully full and skilfully applied lashes. Unfortunately however, nobody in the salon seemed capable of doing my eyebrows and when I mentioned this to the therapist she was very dismissive and said she'd 'try to find someone that could do them for me'. It was a part of the deal! In the end I had my eyebrows (badly) threaded whilst hanging off the end of a chair because nobody had figured out that it's better to do that sort of thing on a flat service. Great for the lashes but they really need to work on their professionalism and not advertise things they cannot do!

I've been here three times now (I booked the 4 hollywood waxes for £45 - an absolute bargain!) and I feel this place is well worthy of a 5 star review. I've been waxed by three different ladies each time and they are professional and friendly. A hollywood wax is over and done with in about 5-10 minutes and they really know what they're doing. The treatment rooms are exceptionally clean and have relaxing music playing into them - a very nice touch that I'm sure anybody new to waxing down below will welcome. I took a chance on this place as my regular waxer moved back to India and I haven't been disappointed yet. Well done ladies - you are a credit to your profession.


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