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Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Dec 2013

When I went in the stylist was moody- barely said two words to me- I tried to have a friendly chat and was ignored very rude! The haircut was ok but the derive ruined my visit, didn't even get offered a tea or coffee despite other cash paying customers getting one

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2013

To start with the salon was freezing cold. The girl doing the gel nails was clearly bored and disinterested in making conversation. There was no manicure as such she simply buffed my nails to apply the gel. The pedicure was very awkward as the girl had to sit on the floor to complete it, my feet/ legs were uncomfortable due to the poor quality seating. Best avoid.

Verified (?) Visited May 2013

Nearly walked past the salon a few times so not a great start, ambience was ok after walking up stairs not really knowing where to go. Therapist didn't really listen to what I wanted asked for short round acrylics and she tried to give me talons similar to her own. After asking her politely to shorten them etc- still not great- my next issue was the fact she said they would like up to 4 weeks and they came off in a week!

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2013

I went to the amara essence for facial threading. The salon was lovely looking inside and the receptionist was really nice. However, the woman who threaded by face had a body odour problem and was so aggressive in the threading that she left me with several cuts along my chin where she was far too rough. Very disappointed as I've had threading done before and never experienced cuts.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2013

I was quite pleasantly surprised at the manicure. The salon is a bit dingy with low ceiling and its a bit dark. But the therapist was nice and my nails looked great, it lasted about 5 days which is standard so for the money- pretty pleased.

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