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Verified (?) Visited Sep 2014

Great location and easy to find and parking is available out front.
Staff very warm and welcoming and also fun to talk to.
The gel nails are good. Don't see them lasting though as they're a little roughly done in places but that's mainly down to my very small hands and presently too short nails rather than the technician. I have re booked so overall very happy.

I had a Deep Tissue Ayurvedic Full Body Massage and Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage and have awarded it 5 stars.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2013

First visit and a great cut, lovely staff, great central location and fab interior.
Chanel cut my hair and I felt relaxed and confident about what I would get. I will return.

Visited Sep 2012

I visited early September and felt I had to review on return from holiday.
I had a treatment with Nic who is chatty, funny and an absolutely brilliant therapist. I have massage on a monthly basis and have tried many places. I decided to come here as it's close to where my parents live, 120 miles from home! I was so impressed, this is absolutely the best massage I had ever had.
I have numerous long term back problems and of late even my massages haven't alleviated it.
Nic used a relatively gentle and less painful technique than other therapists I've been to but I could feel the pain subsiding even during the treatment. She immediately identified the problem areas without prompting which doesn't happen with inexperienced practitioners.
I will be coming back and will definitely make a special trip for the service.
A few words on the other stuff, I got a lovely cup of tea, had a great chat with the staff, the treatment room was lovely a warm and relaxing. If you don't know Eccles it's not the most salubrious of locations but this is hardly important , this is a total gem of a place.

Visited Jul 2012

Wonderful facial delivered by Jodie and had a skincare analysis too so I could see where my problems were, or weren't as I was pleased to find out. I've not used Dove Spa products before and I have to say my skin feels wonderful at the moment.
Whilst I was having the facial I also got a heavenly shoulder massage. Sometimes you can't quite explain the difference between therapists but this lady simply has really good hands!
Lovely clean (although spartan) environment and treatment rooms, on the whole it was lovely and quiet although the reception area seems to be a bit of a gathering point for clients, this was kind of reassuring as the staff seem to know plenty of regular visitors.
I got a truly brilliant deal for this introductory facial through their website so check it out.
I even got some free samples to take home. They seem to do a really broad range of treatments, inlcuding Elemis which I personally adore. I have already rebooked. Staff are really friendly and although I hate going in to places for the first time I felt comfortable.

Visited Jul 2012

I was expecting great things but actually I was a bit underwhelmed by the quality of the treatment, which ultimately is what I go for.
There are so many great plus points to this venue, the interior design is pleasant and relaxing, the place smells amazing and the staff are friendly. There is a really good menu of treatments on offer and the location is great for workers and shoppers alike. You get a nice cup of tea and are made to feel at home.
I was all the more frustrated therefore that the massage I had was so inneffective. I just felt a bit like the therapist didn't really apply any pressure at all, it was like she was just waving her hands aimlessly over my back with the stones just tickling over my skin. And I would like to add that I am a complete wimp when it comes to firm handed massages, hence I always go for hot stone. I would go again but would perhaps request a different therapist, saying that is was a pretty expensive experiment to find a new spa so perhaps not.

I hate the hairdressers with a passion, not sure what the official name for the phobia is, but I have it! I break out in to a cold sweat at the thought of a visit so I never go back to the same place.

Last year I happened to wander in to Bad Apple in Sutton Coldfield and Pat cut my hair, I've now been 3 times - my most successive visits to any hairdresser since 1997- and although I don't love it (that will never happen) I truly can't fault it.

Pat takes real time and care with his cutting and over the course of 3 haircuts I'm getting close to having hair I can love because I'm feeling braver about what can be achieved. This is thanks to a hairdressers patience in listening to my ramblings about how I hate my superfine hair and my inability to master any of the tools needed to make it look good. Off the back of that I've been given good advice on how to manage my style myself, might sound simple to many of you I know. The cut I have now is absolutely gorgeous, everyone comments on it and it's the first time people have ever asked me where I get my hair cut.

I like the ambience, the loopy interior design and the mixed clientele, I always enjoy the choice of music as they play a lot of chilled dance music, stuff like Saint Germain for instance. I don't feel like I'm obliged to discuss where I'm going on holiday, the latest installment of Eastenders or talk about kids and the staff are quirky and funny with real personal style.

Not your typical review I appreciate but if you experienced sheer terror on entering the hairdressers like I do, your view's and requirements might be a bit off the wall too. :O)


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