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Visited Jul 2013

I went to Gravity about 4 days ago at 5pm on Friday and had a keratin hair treatment. Despite an estimated time of 3 hours, the treatment took only 2 hours (even with my hair being in terrible condition!) They even gave my hair a trim free of charge, which was really kind of them. I washed my hair last night for the first time and my hair was in much better condition and instead of being curly, it had a nice relaxed wave. It has definitely made my hair a lot more manageable - I would definitely recommend these treatment to others!

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2013

I came to Salon 100 to redeem a voucher I had purchased for a Brazilian blow dry treatment; it seemed fairly good value at around 60 pounds (I have had one Brazilian blow dry treatment previously, which, although really good, cost 100 pounds), so I thought I would give this one a go! There was nothing special about the place as I entered, however, I was looked after fairly shortly after I arrived. The treatment took a couple hours and I walked out with my hair looking and feeling really great-and I received a lot of comments throughout the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I felt that the treatment didn't do much after I had washed my hair (with the recommended salt-free shampoo purchased from the salon). My hair felt quite waxy and heavy and it definitely didn't retain the shine or relaxant. I personally wouldn't recommend this place for this treatment as I don't feel justified in spending 60 pounds for what was essentially just hair straightening.

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