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Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Dec 2014

I'm so pleased with the haircut and the overall excellent service given with very useful tips to care for my hair. Even if I didn't blow dry my hair properly most of the time it still sits very well. Rococo clearly understands my hair which is thick and coarse; not so easy to cut... I love my hair and am shall return even though it's not my local area.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2014

I an indeed pleased with the Thai combination massage with hot stone massage thrown in. I have been having problems walking because of the stiff calf muscles.. The treatment has loosened update almost al the trappen nerves.. I feel a lot les stiff and the therapist was certainky knowledgeable. I shall return there for treatment.

Verified (?) Visited Jul 2014

Despite the location of the treatment room ( through the the maze of a steely gymn) I was fully invigorated and all the terrible aches and pains in my body have almost disappeared into thin air. I certainly feel a wholes lot better and relaxed. It's a really superb deep tissue massage and I believe Amy really worked hard on me to alleviate my griefs. Definitely will return and continue treatment.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2014

I'm truly pleased with the transformation and even when I don't manage my hair i.e. It still looks quite neat. I would definitely return again.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2014

I was more intrigued to find out what split massage and tissue anaylsis could do to my 'stressed' face. After my first visit I bought a package deal to continue my facial treatment. Although the first two sessions were rather painful there were noticeable difference and thereafter I've been taught how to ease tensions on my neck and shoulder and facial massage techniques - I've undoubtly enjoy the other sessions. My face is brighter and firmer and need not wear heavy foundation to cover my blemishes and uneven tones though it is not completely spotless. I certainly recommend the sessions if you want to take better care of yourself in the long term.

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2012

I believe every knot and tension in my body has been dispelled after a thorough 'firm' massage by a good massage therapist called Rose. I gave her my problems; stiff neck and shoulders and past migraines caused by mental stress... I love the combination of hot stone massage added with hot towels to melt away the tension. Rose has definitely eased out all the harden knots and tightness towards the end of the therapy and I felt really happy and light! Although I had headache that night which could be lack of eating and drinking water on my part, I woke up rejuvenated. I did drink lots of water. My body is totally relaxed. My neck stiffness has lessened much. I've already booked for another appointment to included facial massage. It's really the most effective massage I've had in one session and I've had regular treatments before. Thanks to Thai London Therapy I'm more aware of my body.

It's easy to find Thai London Therapy which sits behind a cafe on the road where there is a bit flower station off Park Road...

Visited May 2012

It was my first experience having a Turkish Hamman bath with a massage and it was certainly well worth it. It was an exhilarating experience being scrub from top to toe and having water pour over you was very cleansing. I would definitely have this experience/ treatment again. I felt really clean.

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Verified (?) Visited May 2012

One of the best haircut I've had in awhile and good hairdresser is hard to come back. Rebecca, my hair stylist made recommendation for the style and treatment. So pleased I was with the haircut and I got a few compliments as a result. It was well worth the money and I would definitely go back there again.


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